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What happens after the Brexit Supreme Court ruling?

24th Jan 17 3:02 pm

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The Supreme Court ruled today that Parliament must be given the right to vote before official talks on leaving the EU can begin.

Attorney General Jeremy Wright has said the government would “comply with the judgement of the court and do all that is necessary to implement it”.

A draft legislation has already been prepared by the government and these details are expected to come through later.

It’s expected to be short but the Justices did not specify the form of the new legislation.

How long will the Brexit process take? There are some MPs who want the matter to be delayed, however there is also a huge amount who want to see the government get it over and done with.

The UK could well leave the EU by the next election which is currently scheduled for May 2020.

Now there’s the question of whether Brexit could be blocked… In theory, it could be but it’s very unlikely that this will even happen.

Very few Conservative MPs are likely to vote against Article 50, at the moment only one has said he will and that is the europhile former chancellor Ken Clarke.

Some Lib Dems, SNP and some Labour MPs may well vote against but this won’t make much of a difference.

The Supreme Court also ruled that devolved administrations do not need to be consulted over the Article 50 matter.

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