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What equipment should I have for my new Podcast

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6th Apr 21 3:19 pm

If you have been thinking about what exactly you need to start the podcast of your dreams, then you are going to want to know which type of equipment can best serve you. When you are getting started in the beginning, then you don’t need to necessarily have the money to spend on super expensive items in order to make your podcast sound professional. However, you should have a few items that can elevate your show and bring in some new listeners.

 Here is a list of equipment you will want to make sure you have when starting your new podcast.

 A solid microphone

 One of the first purchases you should make when you want to improve your podcast quality is a microphone. While you can purchase an entire setup for a few hundred dollars, you don’t need the best of the best. In fact, just being in a quiet room with a microphone available on your headphones can make a big difference in the quality of your audio. On the other hand, you can usually find a microphone for $40-$100 USD that can really make your podcast stand out.

 Quality headphones

 Headphones aren’t just used to look cool when it comes to podcasting. They can actually be necessary in order for you to determine whether the quality of the sound is where you want it and if your microphone is picking up on what it needs to. Again, you don’t need to invest in gaming headphones or those noise-cancelling capabilities, but you should be able to hear what you are recording when you have them on and you are speaking with guests.

 Editing software

 Most of the magic happens in editing when it comes to podcasting, and having the best podcasting software for the type of podcast you have can make a big difference. Some software can cost a lot of money, while others are free or might already be loaded onto your computer when it arrives. With that in mind, you’ll need to think about whether or not you will want to add effects and overlays or if your podcast will require very little editing. This can help you make the decision of whether or not you should invest in higher-quality software.

 A way to promote yourself

 Once you have edited your podcast and you feel ready to share it with the world, you need to find a way to have it distributed. This might mean using a platform that sends your episodes out to streaming platforms for you, or by manually adding them. You’ll also want to consider your marketing strategy so you can get the word out there and gain some new listeners. Without some sort of marketing, it can be difficult to get fans.

 In summary

 You don’t need to have the fanciest equipment in order to create a podcast, but you will need some items in order to make it professional-sounding. With these tools, you’re on your way toward making your podcast a success.

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