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We compared British and Swedish business loans – this is what we found

by John Saunders
12th Mar 19 1:49 pm

Business loans are imperative for a firm’s growth, but the criteria and dynamics of loans vary from country to country depending on the political features and economic conditions prevailing there. In this article, the two most famous countries have been compared, that are home to many growing business startups over the world. The concept of loan has expanded over the years and its definition has evolved.

Back in the days, there was no such term as unsecured or business loans, all borrowings were categorized as loans. But as time advanced, it was crucial to carry out the distinction in order to set different criteria.


Getting a conventional bank advance as a Swedish startup or as a moderate size organization is very difficult due to various factors. In case you don’t have the foggiest idea about any key people at the bank or any powerful business contacts, your credit application will probably be declined by the bank. This is an inherent shortcoming of Sweden business loans.

The absence of fund is a fairly basic issue in Sweden. However, in the past few years, more schemes have been opened up to uplift the availability of business loans to small and moderate size organisations. The independent companies have now taken charge, thus offering loans to small scale business owners at a fair rate. There are several reliable platforms like https://www.xn--fretagsln-d3a3p.se/ that help you connect with suitable lenders and compare your options when you want to take a business loan in Sweden.

The idea of providing people with business loans is that they can have more capital and money to expand their business. Without proper funds, no firm can operate properly and if a firm is going through a hard time, loans can be a great idea to make the situation better.

United Kingdom

The status of business loans in the United Kingdom is better than that of Sweden. In the UK, you don’t need to have powerful contacts or know people at high grounds in order to get the approval of the loan. All you need is a good credit history and some proof that you would be able to pay back the loan amount.

Various schemes are ongoing in the UK where low-scale business can enrol to get short term loans to expand their operations. This country takes proud in uplifting the various sections of the society by providing them grants for almost any purpose.

Many UK websites also provide a feature to apply for loans online. Moreover, this process is very quick. You can readily get your loan approved within a day along with receiving the cash directly in the account, however, you would have to go through various stages, like eligibility procedure, filling out the form etc.


In order to significantly hike your chances of getting a business loan, you would need to get your financial statements in proper order, review what your online presence looks like and check your loan eligibility. It is crucial to verify the eligibility so that you can foresee whether it is worth applying for a loan or not.

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