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Ukraine to get a ‘wonder weapon’ in days which ‘will be on the battlefield next week’ breaking ‘the sound barrier’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Sep 23 6:21 am

Ukraine are set to receive the US “wonder weapon” which will arrive within days along with the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (DPICM).

The HIMARS DPICM are so powerful they “break the sound barrier” and are helping Ukraine’s critical needs.

Ukraine are also expected to receive the MGM-140 Army Tactical Missiles (ATACMS) which is a ballistic missile that will make a “huge difference” on the battlefield.

The Kerch bridge which joins Russia to Crimea will be high on the list of the ATACMS targets as it is used for troop movements and supplies which are sent to Putin’s forces on the front.

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Other targets will most likely involve railways, main supply routes, command and control locations, field military headquarters, logistic hubs, communication posts and bridges as the ATACMS can strike targets with precision as far away as 180 miles.

The current President of the American University Kyiv added: “Getting approval this week for HIMARS DPICM will be a game changer.

“And with no training and change needed, it will likely be on the battlefield next week, making a huge difference.

“When those rockets launch, they break the sound barrier. To me, that’s the sound of freedom.”

The former commanding officer of the US Army Europe General Ben Hodges and he said that the ATACMS will make Crimea “untenable for Russian forces” to defend the annexed peninsula.

Hodges wrote on X, “Ukraine will soon make Crimea untenable for Russian forces, especially Black Sea Fleet. Sevastopol, Saky, Dzankoy all easily within range.”

Hodges told Newsweek, “Crimea is the decisive terrain of this war, so isolating it and then making it untenable are the two necessary steps that lead to its liberation.”

A Washington based foreign policy expert has issued a warning about Vladimir Putin that we should “not underestimate” him.

The Western military packages Ukraine are receiving vast amounts of deadly weaponry and sophisticated missiles which have wiped out thousands of Putin’s troops and military vehicles.

Nile Gardiner told Daily Express US: “Putin has been weakened somewhat in recent months by the setbacks in Ukraine and the attempted coup by the Wagner Group.

“But regardless of those issues, he is still an extraordinarily dangerous figure and we should never underestimate him.

“I suspect we will have to face the threat from Putin for several more years, at least, as long as he is alive. We must not underestimate what we are dealing with in terms of the Putin regime.

“Quite often, wounded animals are more dangerous, and Putin fits that dynamic.”

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