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Expert warns this is ‘the beginning of the end for Putin’s regime’ as his hold on power could become tenuous

31st Jul 22 4:29 pm

Since the start of the war in Ukraine Russia has become isolated from the world and Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly the most hated man in the world which is leaving him more and more vulnerable.

Since Putin’s so called “special operation” Moscow has been hit with crippling sanctions by the West which has hit major Russian exports which is seeing the economy in freefall.

The Institute of International Finance recently predicted that Moscow’s economy will reduce by 15% by the end of this year and will slim down by 3% in 2023.

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According to the global banking industry lobby group, the collapse in exports, and an exodus of Russian companies along with sanctions is expected to wipe out 15-years of Russia’s economic gains.

Iver Neumann, the director of Norway’s Fridtjof Nansen Institute, who is also an expert on Russia, told FRE/RL’s Georgian Service that this is “the beginnign of the end” of Putin’s regime.

Neumann said that Putin’s refusal to reform Russia’s economy, along with the war in Ukraine, with no end in sight, could be “the beginning of the end” of his regime.

When this will actually happen is hard to predict, but with many more Russian’s now uprising against the Kremlin, along with the fact Putin is staring at a “significant defeat” in Ukraine it could be sooner than he would like.

The expert added, “So, since Putin’s tenure sort of began 22-years ago, very little, if anything, has really happened to the economy. And I find it stunning that a trained Marxist like Putin simply doesn’t grasp that material factors are of the essence.

“Putin says, ‘The West will have its economy and we will have our volya, or will, and with that we will persevere.

“But it just doesn’t work that way.

“So, I think this is the beginning of the end for Putin’s regime.”

He added, “So as with so many old despots, we’ve gotten to a point where Putin is thinking about the history books, and how do Russian tsars get into the history books, in a shining way?

“Well, they win wars, and they grab territory.”

Whatever comes after Putin is very difficult to predict, because Putin “and his regime have done a thorough job of rooting out what there was of organised liberal thinking and work in Russia.

“Bad for the country, good for the Putin regime.”

Sooner or later Putin will realise that he is losing the war in Ukraine, then he will “face this reality” which will then make the Russian leader at his “most dangerous.”

Tatiana Stanovaya who is a Russia expert wrote in the New York Times that the Kremlin believes that they are winning the war.

She wrote, “Everything is going according to plan. That’s the line from President Vladimir Putin. The war in Ukraine, in its fifth month and with no end in sight, may be grueling.

“But senior Kremlin officials keep repeating that Russia, gaining the upper hand in Ukraine’s east, will achieve all its goals.”

“That might seem hard to believe,” Stanovaya added, “But it’s what the Kremlin seems to believe.”

Stanovaya said that Putin will “face reality” sooner or later, “It is in that moment, when his plans are stymied and his disappointment high, that he is likely to be most dangerous,” she warned.

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