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Putin’s Crimean Kerch bridge and the entire Black Sea Fleet under threat by ‘a swarm of suicide underwater drones’

by LLB staff reporter
26th Sep 23 2:23 pm

Ukraine has a new “invisible” swarm of “suicide underwater kamikaze drones” which are set to be unleashed on Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea Fleet.

The underwater torpedo which is called the “Marichka” is 20ft long and packed with 450kg of explosives and will most likely be used to attack Putin’s priced £3 billion Kerch bridge.

The underwater drone has a range of around 1,000km and is a self-developed system which cost $433,000.

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The torpedo can conduct reconnaissance missions, gather intelligence and will be used to blow up warships, bridges and other infrastructure.

By destroying Putin’s warships one by one this will significantly help to speed up the beginning of the end of the war in Urkaine.

The Kerch bridge connects the Russian Federation to Crimea and is being used to send military supplies to Russian forces in the annexed peninsula and to the frontlines.

Unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater drones have become one Ukrainian forces key weapon in destroying Russian troops and military hardware.

Naval defence website navalnews.com said, “Marichka will hit the ships on the underwater part, which can be even more destructive for the warships.

“A swarm of these suicide underwater uncrewed vehicles is very hard to defend.”

The Ukrainian attacks have been more damaging and more coordinated than ever before in the war.

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said in an intelligence briefing that the Ukrainian cruise missile strikes on the Black Sea Fleet has “degraded” their ability “to defend its assets.”

The MoD said on Tuesday, “The physical damage to the BSF is almost certainly severe but localised.

“The fleet almost certainly remains capable of fulfilling its core wartime missions of cruise missile strikes and local security patrols.”

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