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UK in support of Trump’s air strike action

7th Apr 17 8:43 am

This is what the Defence Secretary had to say

The UK government has said it “fully supports” President Donald Trump’s air strike on an airbase in Syria, this is over a suspected chemical weapons attack.

The US attack comes just days after many civilians, including children died in a suspected nerve gas attack.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the move was to “deter” the Syrian regime.

He told the BBC Breakfast programme: “We fully support this strike, we’ve been in close contact with the American government over the last couple of days in preparation for this.”

“The Americans believe they’ve exhausted all possible diplomatic and peaceful ways of dealing with the use by the regime of chemical weapons and they have been determined to try to prevent future attacks like this so they’ve taken this action today.”

Fallon also said that the UK has not been asked to take part in the strike.

Trump made the announcement of the attack in a televised address, he spoke of how the base had been the launch point for the chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province.

He called on “all civilised nations” to come together to help end the ongoing conflict in Syria.

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