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Twitter is thinking about a paid membership service

24th Mar 17 8:57 am

Would you use this new option?

Twitter has been thinking about adding a paid membership service to its social media site, it’s looking to aim the idea at businesses and power users.

The firm is currently carrying out surveys to see if this idea would be a viable option.

Any paying member would get access to a better version of Tweetdeck, users will also be able to get hold of a site with more functionality than the more basic Twitter.com.

Twitter hasn’t said if it would charge regular users of the service.

A new premium membership could help Twitter with a new revenue stream.

In a statement, the company said: “We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people’s Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions, and we’re exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck even more valuable for professionals.”

Twitter sent out an email to a select few explaining the service and how it would work.

The note said: “This premium tool set will provide valuable viewing, posting, and signaling tools like alerts, trends and activity analysis, advanced analytics, and composing and posting tools all in one customizable dashboard,”

“It will be designed to make it easier than ever to keep up with multiple interests, grow your audience, and see even more great content and information in real-time.”

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