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Trump calls Canada’s PM Trudeau ‘two faced’

by LLB Reporter
4th Dec 19 3:58 pm

President Donald Trump has responded to the video footage that appears to show Canada’s Justin Trudeau, French president Macron and Boris Johnson joking about Trump at the NATO summit.

Trump was named in the video, but it seems that he was blamed for the delay as he attended a reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by Her Majesty the Queen.

The British prime minister could be heard asking Macron is this is why you were late?”

Trudeau responds: “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top.”

Trump was asked what he thought of the video and Trudeau. Trump said, “Well, he’s two-faced. And with Trudeau – he’s a good guy – but the truth is I called him out on paying 2% (to the Nato budget) and I guess he’s not very happy about it.

“He’s not paying 2% and he should be paying 2%. It’s Canada, they have money. But that’s the way it is I can imagine he’s not that happy.”

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