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Top ways for affiliates to stay focused

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7th Feb 20 1:27 pm

If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing (AM) for a while, you probably know well about all the possible diversions that can take you away from the tasks at hand. For all sorts of reasons, this business niche for entrepreneurs calls for a lot of personal discipline. But the good news is that a bit of patience goes a long way.

Following a systematised strategy works well for many experienced marketers whose main job is bringing customers in to someone else’s doorstep. A unique aspect of the chore is its diversity, and there are literally thousands of programs, all of which have their special needs. That means, for example, that there’s no single selling strategy or customer attraction technique that works for every program. Far from it. Here’s how new and experienced affiliate aficionados can stay focused on their jobs.

Keep meticulous records

In order to know what works and what doesn’t, you need to have detailed records of what you tried. That means keeping logs of every ad buy, money spent on apps, courses, books and anything else. If you hit on a way of boosting profits, your records will be the paper trail that shows you how to replicate your success.

Experiment with different traffic sources

Don’t become emotionally tied to a single traffic boosting tactic. Of course, if something is working well, don’t abandon it. But don’t limit yourself to only running display ads, for example. Try working with an email list, social media and other approaches. There are so many ways to reach people that you need to actively work to avoid becoming a one trick pony.

Stick with one program

It’s rather common for people to want to do multiple projects at once rather than stay with a single AM program until they’ve mastered it and given it time to pay off. Financial affiliates such as easyMarkets Partners make it simple for their partners to bring in new business. One reason is that the product is already popular worldwide. Another is that prospective customers understand the service and have experience with forex. Those who stay with a solid concept, like a best-selling financial service or a popular tech product, are likely to see results much faster than affiliates who switch programs frequently.

Develop a long-term attitude

Don’t expect to earn huge profits overnight. In this kind of business, you need to think of the long-term results as you slowly build up your network. Consider measuring your success, in terms of financial parameters, at three or six-month intervals. That way, you’ll be guiding yourself away from worrying about daily changes in profitability and thinking more like a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t be afraid to invest in advertising

Some people have a sort of phobia about spending money. If you count yourself among that crowd, try to break free of the old habits. Bringing in new business and fresh customers means spending modest amounts of money on ads. Yes, there are several good, free resources, but things like display ads and more traditional methods cost money. Spend wisely and track results carefully.

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