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Top ten tips to formulate a compact Bitcoin strategy

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19th Jul 21 4:07 pm

The technological advancements of the modern era gave us the gift of the internet. You know the vast benefits and effects of the internet on our lives, but it opened a new door for trading for investors. The emergence of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies gained immense popularity among investors, Bitcoin being on top. Initiated in 2008, people started using bitcoin in 2009 as a digital currency. This digital currency allowed transactions and transfer of money through the internet all over the world.

The fundamental truth of today’s market is that Bitcoin is the hottest commodity. People are more concerned about Bitcoin trading than any other trading like stock trading, gold trading, oil trading, etc. Experts believe that bitcoin will continue to be a trending commodity owing to its blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is the key that ensures that the transactions happen without any involvement of a central exchange.

When we talk about a universal cryptocurrency strategy for trading, it refers to trading Bitcoin for profit. Bitcoin trading is a volatile market and goes through various ups and downs. You need to be very cautious and patient while you go with this type of trading. The prices may go up and down as the trading goes throughout the day. The risk factor of bitcoin trading makes risk management the most vital criterion.

Bitcoin’s value is decided by supply and demand in the market. Contrary to the other currencies on the foreign exchange markets, centralized governments regulate the matters. Such values are also under the effect of events around the globe and various economic activities.

Let us now discuss the top 10 bitcoin trading tips that will help you organize your cryptocurrency market and deviate your risks;

1. Start with smaller investments

The first thing that you should keep in mind is patience. Do not make haste with your bitcoin trading. Go for a relatively more minor investment in the beginning. Avoid getting swayed by the profits that others are driving at a shorter notice. Such people have immense experience in this field of trading and thus know the nitty-gritty of the market. You, being someone new in this field, should remain cautious about your investments. Bitcoin trading is a highly volatile market, and some people even incur losses owing to their mismanagement. Avoid the temptation of seeking huge profits right away. Go for smaller stakes so that you understand how the trading functions. Once you know the risk factor and its functionality over the years, you can go for more extensive investments. Use reliable platforms like Bitiq to get started.

2. Go for reliable wallet

You might make a purchase or an investment, but where do you keep your bitcoin? Here comes the relevance of a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is your place of storage for your digital assets. You must be very sure about the security of your bitcoin and safe access to it. It is possible when you have a reliable bitcoin wallet. The market gives you multiple options for bitcoin wallets, each with its functions and features. You have to decide which one is the best one for you. The new bitcoin traders should opt for trading through some known broker and operate through the wallet they provide.

Wallets are of two types:

  • Cold Wallets: Helps you store your assets offline and is a more secure option.
  • Hot Wallets: This wallet is vulnerable to hackers’ attacks, as it is open to the market.

When you have a bitcoin of smaller value, a hot wallet is okay, provided it is via a reliable broker. Bitcoins with a higher value should find a place in cold wallets.

3. Conduct research on your market

You can become a successful Bitcoin trader only when you have adequate knowledge about your market. The process of analyzing the bitcoin market is not that regular, as it is different from evaluating other financial needs. Bitcoin is a speculative field, and the influence of global markets and the economy makes it unpredictable. Technical analysis is a requirement here. It is a research skill to study the patterns and study reading charts for compact trading strategies. Be alert to avoid falling for traps. Many traders will come to you with their opinions for making a profit. Such people bank on the loopholes left by the experienced so that they can make huge profits.

4. Make decisions on trading strategy

Whenever building a solid strategy for Bitcoin trading, consider your goals as a bitcoin trader. Many of your plans will depend on how you can invest in trading activity and analyze the market and profit goals. There are primarily four types of bitcoin traders.

  • Scalpers: The most active bitcoin traders, making multiple trades for small profits throughout the day.
  • Day Traders: They enter and exit the market with a span of 24 hrs, utilizing the small movements of the market.
  • Swing Trading: People involved in swing trading try to understand the market trends through in-depth technical analysis.
  • Passive Trader: People who hold on to their positions for long-term profit.

5. Strict adherence to profit goals and stop loss orders

Once you have a plan for bitcoin trading, stick to the scheme irrespective of any topsy-turvy. The volatility of bitcoin makes it a requisite for you to stick to a solid plan. Make decisions concerning how much profit you need and how much losses you can afford to bear. It would help if you focused on stop-loss levels right from inception. You can save yourself from disastrous situations if you have a disciplined approach. Some beginners accept defeat to their greed by holding on to their earlier positions for the hope of profit. They often find the prices plummeting, and then optimism won’t help. You have to be very specific about your goals and thus stick to the plan.

6. Be cautious with using leverages

Leverage allows you to grab a higher stake in trade than the actual amount your account would allow. It might seem appealing as many people get good profits, but this can cause you immense losses if the leveraged trade turns against you. You require a lot of practice to master the leverage between rewards and risks. As a beginner, it would be better to use it with utmost caution or avoid it altogether. Such chances are viable only when you have enough experience.

7. Diversification with different cryptocurrencies

When you diversify your portfolio, you automatically decrease the chances of risks. Numerous beginners get obsessed with bitcoins and fail to keep the drawbacks in mind. Trading in other cryptocurrencies will help you hedge your investments. When one portfolio falls, the other portfolios will help you maintain your profit. Diversification works well when the market conditions are at a high. You can end up holding numerous assets of high value. Do not be diluted with your portfolio distribution, but be reasonable with your capital amount in each trade. Try striking a balance so that your profit potential gets no harm.

8. Buying and holding Bitcoin

Buying and holding bitcoins is one of the most prevalent strategies for making profits via bitcoins. This passive strategy comes with several benefits;

  • When you buy and hold bitcoins, you avert the short-term volatility. Significant movements in the market can result in losses and throw your trade up for grabs.
  • When you overtrade, the chances of your profits coming down is high. Holding bitcoins averts such risks as you do not have to open new positions.
  • You can keep your positions open as a passive trader and make a good profit with little time investment. Be prepared with an effective risk management strategy in place, though, for securing the trading benefit.

9. Be strong with your emotions

Being in control of your emotions will help besides checking the risk factors to avoid hindering your progress. Beginners often suffer from the fear of missing out. Bitcoin being highly volatile, is susceptible to incredible price hikes within a short span. It can tempt you to invest rapidly under the fear that you might miss out on profits. You need to hold your nerves and invest very judiciously. FOMO can lead to a massive downfall.

10. Be careful about scammers

The bitcoin market is a hunting ground for scammers as it has no central exchange or regulation. Fake wallets and exchanges are rampant amidst scams that direct you to a fraud website for gathering all your sensitive information. The Ponzi schemes which promise greater returns to investors who bring in more investors are dangerous. Such frauds can lead to pyramid crashing of the market. Another aspect is malware. Unsecured wallets and a lack of protective measures can result in a malware attack on your bitcoin wallet. You might end up losing all you earned.

The above information will help you understand the intricacies of bitcoin trading. You have to be cautious with your ventures and choose a path of patience and stability. Once you keep all these tips in mind, success is on your way.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

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