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Top seven things to do in Doha, Qatar

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26th Jun 21 1:06 pm

A beautiful country in the Middle East, abundant with fascinating culture , rich past, mesmerizing landscapes, and remarkable architecture, Qatar is the country worth a visit. In fact, flying from the UK to Qatar and vice versa is quite simple with a UK visa Qatar. This one of seven Arab states is believed to have the best of everything, and the capital Doha is the centre of attraction with a fast-growing tourism industry. The city is the amalgamation of tradition and modern exhibiting a wide range of activities for everyone. Live your fantasy of Arabian Nights by spending only 3 days in Doha.

1. Arabian market experience at Souq Waqif

When you are in Doha, make sure to visit the city’s oldest market place Souq Waqif for an authentic Arabian market experience. Ever wondered how the souq from Aladdin would be if it were real? The souq is sure to take you back to the time of Sherzads (Princes). Souq Waqif is the most famous destination in Doha for shopping or just hanging out with family and friends. The atmosphere of the souq is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern, featuring everything from traditional Qatari attire, spices, handicrafts, high-end gold shops to local art galleries and gourmet restaurants.

2. Visit Pearl Qatar

If you want to experience the luxurious life of Qatar, you must not miss the opportunity to visit Pearl Qatar, which is the epitome of grandeur. Located in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon Coast, Pearl Qatar is an artificial island stretching over four sq. kilometers. The island is a paradise for the riches boasting luxurious villas, award-winning beaches, yachts, entertainment facilities, high-end stores, and restaurants. The highlight of the island is The Marsa Malaz Kempinski, a European-based resort with an Arabian vibe, a perfect place for people looking for world-class comfort.

3. Go for a Sand Dune Adventure

Dune Bashing is among the classic Arabic adventure experiences in Doha. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring scenario with a roller-coaster drive across the vast desert. Actually, there are numerous routes across the dunes. You can take a smooth ride, but if you are more into hardcore adventure, try out the fast and bumpy roads. Desert safaris are once in a lifetime experience. Make some good memories among the golden beaches, take a dip in the mesmerizing Khor Al Udaid and witness the best sunset over Doha.

4. Explore the Al Zubarah Fort

Located close to Al Ruwais and only an hour’s drive from Doha, Al Zubarah Fort is an iconic desert fort of Qatar. Your Qatar trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once, it was regarded as one of the significant pearl diving on the Gulf and trading centres linked to the Indian Ocean. This prosperous town was among the most visited places in Doha. The fort has preserved almost 200 years of cultural grandeur and aims to provide insight into the rich past of the region. This beautiful fort is now an excellent museum exhibiting the fort and the surrounding area worth a visit.

5. Immerse yourself in Qatari culture at Katara Cultural Village

If you are an ardent lover of art, culture, history, and architecture, you must grab the opportunity to visit Katara Cultural Village. Regarded as the ‘Valley of Culture’, the village was established in October 2010 as a part of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and since then hosts the festival every year. The village has a lot more to see, including an opera house, an amphitheatre, art Galleries, heritage centres, and facilities to learn about Qatari culture in its well-organized library. Apart from that, there are cafes, green areas, a museum, and an information centre. Explore Qatari Traditional architecture, tradition, and cultures and enjoy the exhibitions and other events in Katara Cultural Village.

6. Take a walk at Doha Corniche

Spend an afternoon at Doha Corniche on the West Bay and enjoy the mesmerizing sights of Doha Bay. Take a leisurely walk along this 7km long pedestrian public area covering Doha Bay. It starts at Sheraton Hotel and Ends in the National Museum of Islamic Art. Doha Corniche is a local favourite, attracting people from every sphere of life, no matter what their social status is. This place is thus regarded as the heart of the capital, and you’ll find everything you need. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and large green spaces for relaxation. The overall scenario is absolutely perfect for capturing memories among the panoramic view of the skyscrapers.

7. Explore mesmerizing arts through ages at Museum of Islamic art

Commonly known as MIA, the Museum of Islamic Art is the most significant landmark and a flagship museum of all museums in the country. The museum boasts a wholesome collection of textiles, manuscripts, jewelry, ornaments, and invaluable artefacts from countries like Egypt, Central Asia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Spain, and India. Regarded as the complete museum of Islamic art in the world, MIA also boasts a well-stocked library with books both in Arabic and English and accommodates a park as well. You can also learn about the rich Islamic past through regularly held workshops within the museum.

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