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Top reasons to choose a career in logistics

by Sarah Dunsby
25th May 23 2:40 pm

The modern economy depends on a very sophisticated logistics industry. Nowadays, both businesses and consumers expect goods to arrive in a timely fashion, and to be apprised of any delays. Same-day delivery, which just a few years ago was a luxury, is now expected.

Given all of this, you might expect the value of skilled expertise in logistics to be at an all-time high, and so it proves. A career in logistics can be rewarding in many senses, including the financial.

Financial incentives

You might recall the lorry driver’s strike of 2021. The drivers recognised that they were in a position to make demands, because they had a skill that was valuable and scarce. Since then, the logistics industry has evolved further, but the basic principle remains – if you enter into the industry, you can expect to be in demand – especially if you’re able to build the career capital that will make your labour desirable to logistics businesses.

Low-entry requirement

One of the great things about logistics is that there are positions available for people of all skill levels. You don’t need a certain professional background, or particular qualifications, to enter the industry. For many, the best route is to pick up an entry-level position, learn how things work, and progress from there.

Opportunities for travelling

Almost by definition, those working in logistics will be expected to travel around the country, or even beyond. Even when you’re working in the same building day after day, you might find yourself moving between factory, fulfilment centre and office. Exposing yourself to a variety of situations and workplaces will give you a breadth of experience that will ultimately make you more employable.

There’s also plenty of seasonal variation. For example, in the buildup to Christmas time, when the retail industry is extremely active, you might find yourself shifting from one area of the business to another. As such, there’s plenty of variety inherent in the industry. If you like to do one thing one day and another thing the next, logistics might hold plenty of appeal for you!

It can be a stepping stone for even better career options

In logistics, it’s difficult to become stuck in a rut, because the opportunities for career advancement are so plentiful. You won’t have a job for life, but you will have the chance to prove yourself and advance – sometimes rapidly. The best advice for those looking to get ahead, naturally, is to build skills which others find valuable.

In logistics, you’ll often find yourself working as part of a large, intricate, and interesting machine. If you learn how that machine works, and how it might be made to work better, then you’ll be able to progress!

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