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Top crypto business accounts in 2021

by John Saunders
1st Sep 21 3:04 pm

Cryptocurrency is no doubt a trend in digital finance now. Because of all the breakthroughs they have made compared to the traditionally complicated process of banking payment, it seems like more and more people and businesses have adopted the interest in crypto assets. Even the big names like Starbucks, PayPal, Microsoft, Etsy have announced integrating Bitcoin-the most widely accepted token as one of their payment options. The attraction of Bitcoin comes not only from the convenience that users will enjoy during their purchases but also from the high-interest cryptocurrency business account promises to bring about. It has been going mainstream. As you can see, big names like PayPal and Microsoft have decided to trust it in their services to customers. If so, a business owner like you has no reason not to consider seriously adopting a Crypto Business Account, not just to catch on to trends but to keep up with the evolution of the high-tech and digital era. 

Top five best business crypto accounts

Many platform providers are emerging in proportion to the rise of Cryptocurrency but not every cryptocurrency broker will give big profits rather than losses. Mentioned below are the five best business crypto accounts to choose from if you want to start investing in digital coins.

1. Yield. app

Yield. App deserves to be on top of the most reliable and easy-to-use DeFi platform for people that have set their foot into Blockchain. Yield. App provides a practical and neat-looking interface that is easy to follow and concise instructions that are completely intuitive, which stands out from clunky systems that cause disturbances to people who want to make their business starts in Crypto trading. Another thing worth mentioning is that its partners are notable names in processing Crypto transaction streams like Yeoman’s Capital, Smart Valour, Silicon Valley, Factom, which build up its credibility. Therefore, you can entrust your business financial transfers to the app.

Even if you don’t do transactions in Yield.App, you can keep your company assets in the wallet and receive returns. It’s not difficult, not to say simple, to earn from this digital coin broker. The platform is like a digitalised community, and members with their specific deposits will be rewarded for upholding this society. This means only by putting your investments in YLD and holding it in a digital pocket in the Yield.app you can earn a source of passive income, and it is an easy way to make money. The APY rate of this Crypto broker is also considered high in the market, which is up to 20.5 percent, and the more YLDs you hold in your digital wallet, the higher the interests become. Another fascinating thing about the Yield.app is that if you refer this digital financial services provider to your friend, you and your friend will gain back 40$ in YLD if your friend continuously funds 100$ for 30 days.

2. Gemini

When talking about Gemini, it is its diversity of features that set it apart from others. The attention-capturing services that it offers are Gemini Wallet, Mobile App, Active Trader Platform. Gemini earns you over 7 percent of interest from Dai and File coin (types of digital tokens). A feature that prioritises business owners is the special institutional accounts twice as much as personal accounts in transfer limits. Its high security, simple registration, and organised interface are some other strong points of this platform.

3. Kraken

Kraken provides its customers with many innovations, although it is not an experienced financial service provider. Enterprise clients will enjoy the Kraken account management and the Kraken trade desk, which cater to customers around the clock and support large trades. The unique point of Kraken is the wide range of token units it allows in its market. The number has been up to more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including rare units like Kava and Dogecoin.

4. BlockFi

Regarding BlockFi, it centralised on the high technology aspect of digital payment and focused on configuring an intricate decentralised peer-to-peer network. Lending to business owners and helping them buy Crypto is at the centre of its business. Corporate clients utilise BlockFi to purchase and borrow not only Crypto and stable coins but also US dollars. BlockFi, like most of the Crypto brokers, appeals to business clients staking their holdings to the platform to consolidate its ecosystem. It has done an excellent job in giving out one of the most attractive interest rates, which is about 8.6% fluctuating with the type of cryptocurrency unit deposited.

5. Voyager

Voyager’s most advantageous feature to its firms and agencies is the costs charged during the selling and buying Crypto coins. Most Crypto trading brokers will charge each time you want to sell your Crypto units to buy another currency, but this won’t happen with Voyager. While some Defi platforms charge customers up to 3 different fees to trade Crypto coins, this digital trading provider makes it free in trading and purchasing virtual money. Moreover, other exciting functions like Smart Order Routing, Customised Custodial Solutions for security, and expanded access to market and liquidity are at the business clients’ disposal.

Pros and cons


  • Simplify the transactions between you and your clients, especially when there are no intermediaries involved.
  • Reach to more customers all over the world without worries about red tape and exchange rates.
  • Fraudulent banking risks will indeed be excluded from the financial activities.
  • Ensure the high clarity of every phase of a transaction.
  • Update your business with the payment method that is projected to take over the world soon.


  • The volatile and sudden changes in Crypto units’ value might be a risk.
  • Lack of government supervision and insurance.


Cryptocurrency is circulating stronger than ever throughout the digital trading markets worldwide, and it is believed that it will soon go mainstream in any business. There are several ground-breaking upsides about digital payment methods that drive the world crazy, but also, there are risks and barriers that make it remain controversial. What needs to be done is to have an insight into the field and consider it carefully before giving your business financial activities into the hands of a Crypto trading service provider. Firstly, you will have to find the perfect Crypto brokerage application for your enterprise and find that you are ready to make your investments wisely. Once you have nailed this, getting a Crypto business account for your company will be an excellent opportunity for you to give your business an upper hand over other competitors.


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