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Top 10 things to have in your bedroom

3rd Jan 18 8:39 am

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Does your bedroom look a bit too impersonal or is there something missing, but you can’t quite get what’s missing? Before wasting too much time wondering about it, we’ve got it covered with a list of the best 10 things you should add to your bedroom to make it look special.

1. An out of this world mattress

When it comes to sleeping, the most important thing is to have a quality mattress. There are different types of mattresses: soft ones, that come as memory foam or others that are pocket sprung.

2. Bedside table

If you don’t have this piece of furniture, it’s time you got one. Every bedroom needs one, as you can place a lamp on it, put a book on it, or keep your phone there. They usually come with a small drawer in which you can put a moisturizer, or some jewelry.

You will have a piece of modern furniture that not only comes in many different style, but also has a lot of uses.

3. Amazing bed linen

Next on the list for the best sleeping experience are the linens. Get some sheets that have a high thread count and look for a couple of duvet sets, which you can rotate each week. Sleeping on a soft and silky linen will make you feel like you’re up on a cloud.

4. Beautiful rugs

A rug will add some cohesion in the room, making it cozy and familiar. The perfect rug should be soft and warm, in perfect harmony with the style of your room. What better feeling than standing on it once you get out of bed?

5. Add some colour

Having a neutral bedroom is not that bad, but you can change it all by adding some color in several spots of the room. You can go with a bold color or a pastel hue to liven up the place. What should you change? You could go for a bright headboard or if that’s too much, just place a colorful vase or add a colored bed throw.

6. Place a comfy chair

If you’ve seen luxurious hotel rooms, then you might have noticed that they provide their clients with a comfortable seating area. Your room would be greatly improved if you add a comfortable chair to use when you want to relax and read a book.

7. Add artwork

Make your room stylish and elegant by adding something on the wall. It can look funny, bold, or exquisite, and it will surely add character to your room.

8. A must-have storage space

Say goodbye to the messy bedroom that only brings you stress. Have some storage space to keep all the things nicely placed. You can opt for a big wardrobe or some chest drawers. If your bedroom has little light, then sliding doors with mirrors will reflect more light and make the bedroom look a lot bigger.

9. Layered lights

A single overhead light will not help you get the vibe you want from your bedroom. Consider adding more lighting sources to make the bedroom feel cozier and elegant. Add some fairy lights, a table lamp and you can also add a dimmer switch.

10. Curtains

The best curtains for a bedroom are made of thick fabrics that will not let the light get in, when the sun rises in the early morning. If you don’t have blinds or curtains, then it’s time you get some. Getting a good night’s sleep will never be easier!

Try to get some of these 10 things in your bedroom and you’ll see it transformed into a more personal, comfortable and stylish place.

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