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Tony Blair would vote for Corbyn to stop no-deal Brexit

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
3rd Sep 19 9:26 am

The former Labour leader Tony Blair has said he would vote for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in a general election to stop a no-deal Brexit.

He added, that he would face a “dilemma” in voting for Corbyn and added that Labour should not “fall into the elephant trap” in backing a poll in parliament.

Blair gave a speech on Brexit at the Institute for Government; he was asked would he back Labour at the next general election.

Blair said, “That’s a really difficult question. Because of the struggle I have with other aspects of Labour policy.

“There are some huge problems with the Labour Party. I personally believe so strongly on Brexit that I would do virtually anything to stop it.”

The former leader added, “The dilemma I have expressed to you very honestly is the dilemma of a lot of people are faced with.

“They care passionately about Brexit; they’re going to be asked at the election what’s the best way of stopping that.

“But on the other hand, it’s no great secret that many people like myself have got real anxiety about parts of the programme.”

Praising Corbyn for working other cross parties he said, “In backing away from the idea of himself as a ‘caretaker prime minister’, Jeremy Corbyn has behaved responsibly, and if he continues to put country first, he will benefit the country and himself.

“He can now play a decisive role in how Brexit develops.

“But, he should see an election for the elephant trap it is.

“If the government tries to force an election, Labour should vote against it.”

Blair was asked does he think Labour will win an election, he said, “It is conceivable. But you have got to look at the polling.

“I mean, look. Where’s Labour in the polls? Some are in the twenties.

“When I was leader of the opposition if we’d been polling in the twenties, there would have been a few people knocking on my door and not wanting to have a very polite conversation.”

“We have got to be realistic about this and in our electoral system.” He warned that a split opposition may produce a “comfortable Tory majority.”

Blair added, “If I am right about the Brexit Party, and the Tories are fighting a no-deal election, I cannot believe they are going to be standing candidates against Tories.”

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