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Tips for betting on esports

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8th Apr 20 3:23 pm

It is estimated that $12.9 billion will be bet on esports in 2020. It is an incredible figure especially when you consider esports is still a relatively unknown quantity when it comes to both the mainstream and bettors. Esports has built a strong fanbase of punters already thanks in part to the simplicity of betting on tournaments. The abundance of tournaments large and small is another reason that punters have become advocates of betting on esports. Fans of esports can experience the excitement of gambling on tournaments nearly every week, and in some cases, most days. Top online sportsbooks offer great odds and a welcome bonus to new punters betting on esports tournaments and online matches.

Esports is like traditional sports in the sense than you shouldn’t just wager on tournaments and matches without hesitation. Depending on the esports game you choose to wager on, there are some different tips that can help you win profits and find success with your betting.

Set goals

While you may think setting goals before betting on esports is silly, it can actually save you from spending all of your bankroll right away. Your goals do not have to be financial and can simply be objectives to improve over the short-term. One goal could be to learn as much about a particular game as possible. You may also set a target for a certain amount of profits made over the course of a month. Goals don’t have to be limiting, but they need to be realistic and achievable. Esports bettors are gearing up for a number of major tournaments this year including the Fortnite World Cup. Fans can use the BetMGM bonus code to wager on the Fortnite World Cup and the gamer they believe will win the tournament finals.

Set a budget

One of the biggest reasons bettors go bust is due to spending too much money. A budget is key to keeping your money and not blowing through it in a matter of days. You should be aware that losing money in betting is a common occurrence. It happens to even the most seasoned pros, but ridiculously spending more money to make up the losses is a recipe for disaster. Setting a budget is one of the most responsible things that a bettor can do.

Know the games

It cannot be stressed enough that you must know the esports games you are betting on. Esports is filled with competitions from sports-based games like FIFA to roleplaying games like Dota 2. If you do not know a game, then it is vital that you read about it as much as possible. Moreover, you should play the game, so you know exactly how it works. As there are a lot of esports games available to play, you don’t need to know about every one of them. However, you do need to know everything possible about the games you want to wager on. In addition, you should focus on one or two games rather than trying to bet on all of the esports markets offered by sportsbooks.

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