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Three reasons Leeds is great for your business

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19th Oct 21 2:45 pm

Leeds is fast becoming the place to be.

More and more companies are choosing to make it their home, from haircare heroes GHD, to video gaming giants Rockstar, while national powerhouses such as BBC and Channel 4 are just the latest to migrate north, and away from the capital. This recent – and increasingly popular – shift away from London is unsurprising given the capital’s steep costs has grown too much for both businesses and employees alike.

But why Leeds? Below are just three fantastic reasons companies are choosing this Northern heartland as their business hub.

1. University city

Leeds is home to three universities, and is ranked by The Independent as the best city for students.

Students are excellent for business; they spend their student loan like it’s never going to run out. University students will also give you no shortage of part time workers wanting to supplement their spending and add experience to their CVs.

Of course, these students eventually graduate into highly skilled professionals, and their love of the city is going to keep them around, meaning that you’ll have a highly capable workforce to choose from!

Along with the three main universities, Leeds also boasts a number of vocational institutes such as Leeds College of Art and Leeds College of Music, and this investment in the arts has really benefited the cultural landscape of the city.

2. Ideally located

Leeds is a highly accessible city. Not only does it sit on the main route between London and Edinburgh, but there are also excellent train links as well – connecting it directly to other big cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol.

Because Leeds is so accessible, it makes it ideal for you to expand your business across the country, allowing for you to conveniently meet with clients from the far reaches of the nation.

Its proximity to the Yorkshire countryside also means that you can benefit from the big city, while still visiting the beautiful dales at the end of a long day at the office. Access to so many open spaces will greatly benefit your work/life balance and help alleviate some of your biggest stresses.

3. Financial hub

You might associate finance in this country with London, but there’s life beyond the south, and job opportunities in the financial sector are only growing in Leeds as more banks choose to open northern hubs.

Leeds is home to two of the nation’s biggest building societies, and is a hub for B2B masters like Maratopia Digital Marketing.

The growing economy of Leeds makes it an attractive prospect for a wide variety of industries – with businesses of all kinds committing to an investment in the city.

The increasing popularity if Leeds has turned it into an exciting place for both families and professionals seeking something friendlier than the south. The mass move north however, means that in order to retain the quality of employee, you’d be foolish to not consider the move too.

Have you found success for your business in Leeds? Share your story in the comments below!

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