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Thousands believe shops should close on Boxing Day

14th Nov 16 4:14 pm

Would you like to see shops shut on Boxing Day?

A new petition has been backed by thousands as it urges shops should shut on Boxing Day to give staff a break.

Ian Lapworth who’s a baker, started the campaign a month ago and believes the country should return to a less commercialised season, he said: “Forget making money for one day, let’s concentrate on making more memories with the ones we love,”

Years ago, the retail shops we know and love used to stay closed for longer periods of time during the Christmas season. However, in more recent years’ shop owners set to open stores earlier on Boxing Day to compete for customers.

Some signatories of the petition thought it was “disgusting that shops insist on opening on boxing day”.

Patrick O’Brien, analyst at Verdict Retail, told the BBC: “Some retailers might view the benefits of closure in staff morale, giving them a break. But it’s still quite an important day in the retail calendar.

“It wouldn’t hurt them if all of them did it, but unfortunately if some close and some don’t, the ones that don’t would be financially affected.”

The petition comes at a time when many retailers are re thinking their Christmas strategies on how to boost their sales. Some years have seen shoppers come out in the masses for Black Friday but last year was more quiet as companies toned down their sale pitches.

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