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These are the top priorities for environmental sector businesses in 2019

by LLB Reporter
11th Feb 19 5:32 am

What are the top priorities in 2019 as a business in the environmental sector? Seven companies are asked and here are their responses in their own words.

Original question: As a business in the environmental sector, what is your top priority for 2019?

Marc Zornes of Winnow Solutions said,  “We are a business who operates in the environmental sector but we are fundamentally a business that saves our clients money. What we look for are what are the next horizons of organisations we can work with to be able to help them to be able to deliver similar savings to what we’re showing to all of our clients. We are very much in a place of scaling up that impact.”

Howard Carter of Incognito said,”Growth, so we can make more of a difference to the planet and our communities, via an increase in turnover.”

Will Richardson of Green Element said, “We are looking at the strategy of organisations and trying to understand the reasons behind trying to be more environmental. Sadly, it’s still a case of needing people to understand the state of what their environmental footprint is. So top priority for 2019?

“We want to understand our own carbon footprint (we’ve signed up to the science-based targets) and because we’re one of the smallest organisations to have signed up, we’re going to become a case study. Science-based targets are a target of 2 degrees [Science-based targets provide companies with a clearly defined pathway to future-proof growth by specifying how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions]; it’s a definitive percentage that you have to attain, and we want to help others to do this too.”

Kyle Harrison of Handsome Fella said, “Growing our name and business and using more artisan products. Competing with the bigger and more bland brands and getting people to know about us. And I guess just keeping up with the latest information on sustainability and environmental issues.”

Nick Mann of Habitat Aid said, “Our top priority is to engage with the house building industry because we don’t think they have properly sustainable practices in terms of the landscaping of new projects. We think they could do a lot to improve biodiversity and quality of environment in new housing schemes.”

Sean Peters of Drygro said, “Our company grows animal feed crops on arid, otherwise unproductive land – different to traditional agriculture. These are technologies developed in Oxford University. Over the last year we launched our first farm in Kenya and over the next year we are going to extend that farm.

“In 2019 our goal is to continue to demonstrate the use case for our technology and move towards industrial-scale production. For us sustainability really is at the core of what we do. We are developing technology for more sustainable agriculture to serve the needs of the next century and the next century’s population.”

Chris Forbes of The Cheeky Panda said, “Growing revenue.”

Interviewes were sourced and conducted by 365 Business Finance.

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