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The top four benefits of hosting a virtual roadshow

by John Saunders
20th Jul 21 11:36 am

A roadshow is a rite of passage for companies before they go public, one that involves touring the world to whip up interest and find potential investors. But do you really have to hit the road to achieve the same results? In an increasingly digital age, the answer is no. You can attract the right investors by staying home and hosting a virtual roadshow.

Here are the advantages of staying put and hosting your next conference virtually.

1. Outreach

A virtual conference strengthens your outreach, helping you engage people who wouldn’t ordinarily attend an in-person event. As long as they have a connection to the Internet, they can tune in from wherever they may be at the time of your roadshow — even if they’re halfway across the world.

A traditional roadshow, by comparison, ties your outreach to a physical location. It’s usually a small radius around a city or region, and you’ll only be able to engage clients and prospective customers who live in the area. This hampers how easily you can reach new and old investors, even if you arrange an extensive tour covering multiple cities.

2. Cost

Another major perk is how much money you’ll save hosting a virtual roadshow. Since your speakers and guests can connect to shareholders from anywhere in the world, no one has to travel.

You’ll save a lot of money by avoiding travel costs, which is something that flight experts predict will skyrocket in the next year as the world recovers from the pandemic. You’ll also avoid paying rental fees and other setup costs for large conference centers.

You’ll only need to invest in technology to host these virtual events. If you aren’t sure what you need, speak to your investor relations partner to understand your options. They’ll help you choose investor relations software that can seamlessly transform your investor relationship events from in-person meetings to digital conferences.

3. Backup

The right investor relations software does more than just coordinate your digital events. It can record each presentation so that it’s available to view on-demand, long after the scheduled event is over.

This will further extend your reach to shareholders who couldn’t make the meeting for whatever reason. It’s also a great opportunity to leverage these events for your own use. You can post full-length videos or snippets to your website, creating more engagement on your investor relations website.

4. Flexibility

Once you have the technology in place to host virtual roadshows, you’ll be in a better place to face any challenges that come your way. You’ll be able to pivot fast, quickly responding to urgent concerns about your stock and the market at large.

You’ll also be able to navigate the ever-changing physical world with confidence. Suppose you’ve organized an in-person event in an area suddenly hit by a natural disaster or lockdown. You can fall back on your investor relations software to move this event to the web. You’ll avoid having to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, proving to your stakeholders you’re unshakeable in volatile times.

The takeaway

You don’t have to pull the plug on travelling roadshows from here on in, but you should consider digitizing at least some of your events. You stand to reach a larger audience with fewer costs.

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