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The ten most popular free online courses from Shaw Academy

by John Saunders
11th Mar 21 5:20 pm

Shaw Academy offers hundreds of free online courses across loads of subjects – here’s ten of the best

Cost should not be a factor when it comes to accessing online learning. Shaw Academy offers hundreds of courses via its online platforms. Expect high level tuition in subjects ranging from painting to cryptocurrency, and from project management to beauty and wellbeing.

Millions of students have taken advantage of Shaw Academy’s model. Every course available on its website offers the first four weeks of tuition absolutely free. This is the length of the first module of any Shaw Academy online learning course.

Give these free online courses from Shaw Academy a go

Taught via live webinars twice a week, the online courses are fully flexible and under your control. If you can’t make it to the live sessions, just wait 24 hours and login to view the lesson at your convenience.

After the free module, it’s then your choice to sign up for further tuition on that course. The great thing is that if you do subscribe to Shaw Academy, you end up with access to every course on their books. That’s a lot of learning at your fingertips.

As there are so many courses in the Shaw Academy portfolio, here’s a summary of the ten most popular according to student numbers and graduate reviews.

1. Graphic Design Course

Learn graphic design from the basics upwards. You probably already have some creative and tech skills already in the bag if you’re interested in this career choice. But even if you don’t, this course will have you covered. Learn everything from image editing to animation, rendering 3D models, animation and how to work with a client brief. If you complete the course, you’ll end up with globally recognised certification. So far, more than 1.1 million people have studied this course with Shaw Academy.

2. Photography Course Online

Another course that mixes creativity and technical skills, the photography option is hugely popular. More than 1.5 million students have completed the Shaw Academy photography online course. Its teaching aims to help you move towards a career as a professional photographer and covers techniques ranging from the very basic to advanced.

3. Online Coding and Technology Course

Coding is increasingly important in the job market, particularly across any industry sector that is linked with technology. Learning to code and how to understand and use all of the most cutting-edge innovative tech is a sure-fire way to expand your career options. This certified course includes designing apps, web development, designing system architecture and web development.

4. Interior Design Course Online

Professional level instruction and coaching in interior design have made this Shaw Academy course hugely popular. More than 790,000 graduates have taken advantage of the mix of practical and theoretical teaching available. The modules run right through to running your own interior design business, working with clients and finishing projects.

5. Fashion Design Online Course

This course gives students a full understanding and instruction in the process of fashion design. This includes basic fashion illustration and drawing, collecting a portfolio of ideas towards your own design collection, drafting patterns and all of the key knowledge and practical skills needed to make the clothes for your collection.

6. Digital Marketing Certification Course Online

If you’re looking for a whole new role that will fit into remote working, then digital marketing could well be it. This Shaw Academy course gives you all of the information you need about digital marketing, including creating channels, formulating a strategy, understanding how to apply the skills and how to make a brand sing. By the end you’ll understand everything about creating content, pay per click (PPC), affiliate marketing, social media channels and email marketing.

7. Online Project Management Certification and Training

Online teaching that takes students through to becoming an agile project manager. Gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to manage projects. At the end you’ll get officially recognised certification in project management showing that you can develop, execute and control a project plan. You’ll learn about advanced project management strategies and tools, and how to work with your team. It’s a longer course at 17 weeks with 34 online lessons plus assessments.

8. Creative Writing Certification Class

This certified online creative writing course will take your skills the next level. It includes lessons on writing for publication and how to be original while writing for a modern audience. It’s also useful if you are interested in expanding into content creation or social media marketing. The ability to write well is a vital skill for so many of today’s job roles.

9. Online Photoshop Course

Over 16 weeks and 32 online lessons you’ll learn how to utilise Adobe Photoshop. By the end you’ll have developed your creative skills and outlook, will fully understand how to use the tools available to reach your goals, how to design all kinds of graphics and create unique compositions.

10. Leadership Training and Management Course

Ideal to boost your experience in management or for those who are considering going into business leadership. This course has so far been completed by almost 290,000 graduates. Course attendees learn how to develop their own leadership stye. Shaw Academy educators teach students all of the insights necessary to effectively lead and manage at work.

Try any of these courses for free. The first four weeks covers the initial module of every Shaw Academy course, saving you the usual cost of £49.99 a month.

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