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The most ‘instagenic’ tourist attractions around the world

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Mar 19 5:55 am

Recent analysis by global luggage storage network Stasher has revealed the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is the tourist attraction with the highest Instagram engagement rate out of 99 global attractions studied.

Today, social shareability influences many decisions we make, from what we eat, what we wear, to where we travel. In fact, a recent survey found more than 40 percent of Millennials admit to prioritising ‘instagrammability’ when choosing a vacay.

A trip to a famous tourist attraction is likely to be top of any holiday-goer’s list, so Stasher has analysed recent Instagram posts using the official hashtags of popular attractions to compare engagement rates and crown the most “instagenic” destination.

Of the world’s top five attractions with highest Instagram engagement rates, six are in Europe. The Van Gogh Museum comes in first place, with #vangoghmuseum scoring an average of 340 likes per post.

Global Ranking Tourist Attraction Country Instagram engagement rating
1 Van Gogh Museum Netherlands 10.00
2 Matterhorn Switzerland 7.60
3 Grand Bazaar Turkey 6.52
4 Central Park United States 5.90
5 Neuschwanstein Castle Germany 5.79
6 Puy du Fou France 5.56
7 Metropolitan Museum of Art United States 5.44
8 The Blue Lagoon Iceland 4.98
9 Plaza de España Spain 4.97
10 Wat Pho Thailand 4.31

The Van Gogh Museum is a must-see for anyone holidaying in Amsterdam, showcasing some 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 800 letters by the famous Dutch artist.

In 2018, it welcomed an impressive 2.16m visitors and more than doubled its social media following to just under 990,000 followers. This has firmly positioned it as one of the top-five global museums on social media.

In second place is the Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland, followed by Turkey’s Grand Bazaar in third, and New York’s Central Park and the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany in fourth and fifth place.

Standing at 4,478 metres, Instagram posts of the majestic Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps received an average of 265 likes. It’s also ranked as the world’s second-best attraction to visit, in Stasher’s overall most popular tourist attraction index. This also considers TripAdvisor and Google reviews, quality of accommodation nearby, accessibility and tourist safety.

In third place, The Grand Bazaar in Turkey, is one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets, with Instagram posts attracting an average of 231 likes. However, it only made 91st place in the best overall tourist destination rankings, let down by bad reviews on Google and tourist safety concerns, showing not everywhere lives up to the hype of the ‘gram.

There are two entries from the United States in the top ten, but interestingly the Metropolitan Museum of Art is eighth despite the huge social buzz around the #metball. There is only one entry from Asia – Wat Pho – in position ten.

Japan has the most destinations in the bottom ten including Universal Studios Japan (average: 36 likes per post), Tokyo Disneyland (average: 31 likes per post) and Tokyo Disney Sea, which has the least Instragram engagement of all tourist attractions, with an average of just 25 likes per post.

These low scores could be partly down to Japan’s recent decline in tourism. In 2018 the number of foreign tourists dropped for the first time in more than five years, falling by nearly 6 percent.

Stasher’s co-founder, Anthony Collias said, “The Van Gogh Museum’s investment in social media is clearly having a noticeable effect on its popularity with tourists. However, it’s also fantastic natural sights like the Matterhorn and Turkey’s Grand Bazaar, still score so highly without large marketing budgets.

“While it’s great Instagram is raising awareness of different global locations, there is the danger some destinations may become overwhelmed by tourists or may not live up to the social media hype.

“The answer is not to stop travelling but to travel mindfully. Holiday seekers should combine visiting famous attractions with exploring destinations more off the beaten track to create their own unique experiences.”

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