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The latest hemp trend drinks

by John Saunders
26th Feb 21 12:07 pm

Hemp has been seen pretty much everywhere in the last few years. That’s due, in good part, to the fact that cannabis has been legalized in different countries, which has been creating new opportunities for the plant they both come from. But there is no doubt about it: Hemp is trending upwards and now it is infiltrating the world of health drinks and other ones too.

Hemp: A growing industry

For those of the older generations (over 50 years of age), hemp is often associated with the hippy movement of the 70’s. They can recall shops where they made bags and t-shirts from hemp. There was nothing particularly “in” about using hemp-based products. But today, hemp is everywhere and it seems to be the product to use if you want to augment your sales.

A great example is the way hemp is currently used to create alternate plastics. It would seem that hemp is a clean alternative to the plastic materials that are damaging the environment by staying around and polluting the earth and the oceans. You’ll be suprised to know that there are different types of hemp plastics. Just as there are many hemp drinks on the market…

From Juice to coffee: Hemp seems to find its way in every drink

If you really want to understand the power of hemp, just think of this: Russell Lipton has just launched a new line of sparkling water called “Beyond Hemp,” which is hemp infused with citrus and berry flavours. It can now be found on market shelves. Add them as the latest in the lines of hemp-based drinks, which include kombucha, milk, juice and coffee. We haven’t even mentioned the various alcohols yet. They feature gin, rum as well as beer. Yes, when we say everywhere, we really mean it.

So why, is hemp so popular? That’s because it is considered healthy. It is supposed to have a relaxing and calming effect on people. In a year that made everybody a little crazy (to say the least), this is the kind of product that is being launched at the right time. It is definitely surpassing the popularity of kefir, coconut water and turmeric latte, at this moment.

The demand keeps growing, and we are slowly moving from hemp muesli and granola to hemp coffee in the morning. Business consultant firms are convinced that the trend will continue. In fact, they believe the market value of $900 million in 2018 will grow up to close to $3 billion by 2025.

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