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The importance of a good smile in business

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Sep 18 12:29 pm

Smiling is contagious. Your attitude says a lot about you and it is one of the most important things that can make a difference to the people you interact with. Whether it be from a business or a sales perspective, or just in your daily life, a smile creates the kind of a connection that makes the other person feel closer to you and that they can trust you. The more you smile, the better they feel, and the longer they continue being loyal customers.

From a business perspective:

There are a lot of different ways you can whiten your teeth, from teeth whitening kits to making changes in your immediate life. But the results they have are the same. A smile will improve your customer service experience. First, a smile costs nothing and you lose nothing. A good smile increases your confidence, leaves good first impressions, and subconsciously also improves your mood – what’s not to like?

Improved mood:

A 2010 study found that simply smiling can boost your mood when you’re feeling down. This is extremely beneficial for those struggling with anxiety or depression. Even when you’re alone, smiling to yourself can convince the brain that everything is indeed good and there’s nothing to worry about. So, whenever you’re feeling down – try smiling.

During phone support:

Even when you’re talking on the phone and are confident that the other person on the phone has no way of knowing whether you’re smiling or not – it might still affect the conversation. The reason behind this is that when you smile, you reflect a positive attitude subconsciously. So, if you ever find yourself in a sale or a phone support talk, make sure to smile! Customers can’t see your face, but they can listen to your tone.

A smile is more than an expression:

All in all, your smile is more than just something your face makes – it’s all you’ve got! It does so much more than you can observe. It improves your mood, your interactions, your state of mind, and much, much more. It’s more than just a mindset and an attitude as well. It reflects your beliefs and your organization’s values. Most of all, a smile is an invitation as it builds rapport and sets the mood.

Starting the day with a smile.

So, you might have noticed that smiling can be extremely important in both, your business and daily life. And your smile is something you should be working on daily in front of the mirror. There are a lot of at-home whitening kits that get the job done and help improve your confidence as well. So, the next time you wake up, practice smiling in front of the mirror. Even if it starts as something you must force yourself at first, you’ll get in the habit eventually and your interactions will improve too. It’s an easy habit to incorporate in your life, with major effects in your life.

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