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Discover some simple tips to sell your London based house quicker this summer

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd Apr 24 12:05 pm

Experts say that spring is the most favorable time in the UK to put a home or any property on the market, while the autumn time is considered as the second most popular time for a home selling. It sounds that summer may not be a suitable time to sell a home. Well, selling a home during the hotter months of the year are indeed tricky, but if you follow these amazing simple tips, chances are, even during summer you would be able to sell house fast Manchester.

Why summer is not a popular time to sell home quicker?

Summer is surely a great time for a lot of things, but may not be perfect for home selling.  In fact, unless necessary, you can wait to sell your home until the school starts. Why? This is because in the summer, people tend to go on vacations, kids are off from school and need attention, and a lot of summer activities keep the homeowners (including your potential home buyers) engaged.

If you still have to sell your home in the summer due to any reason, no worries! There are certain basic tips that help you sell your home quicker in any season during the year, especially in the summer. Here you go.

Set the right price

Setting your home’s price just right helps you attract buyers in summer. If you price it too high, you may miss the quicker sale opportunity not just in summer, but for any season of the year. If you price it just below market price, you may initiate a bidding war that finally drives your closing well above the listing. Also, stack your open houses to make sure that you find many competitive buyers quicker and distribute the listing to all local buyer’s agents in your locality.

Take professional to stage & photograph the home

A professional real estate stager views your home from the perspective of a buyer and understands how to make its strengths prominent, while softening the flaws. The buyers’ first impression is usually on the listing photos. Studies also show that homes displayed in more than 6 listing photos are twice as likely to be viewed and considered by the buyers. Listing the professionally taken photos of your home increases the chances of getting more buyers.

The right real estate agent can help

Hire the right real estate agent for your summer sale; the one having a great track record of selling homes faster in your neighborhood. Check online reviews and clients’ testimonial on the agents’ website and then shortlist. The right real estate agent also promotes the properties online. If they provide the professional photographer as the part of the package, it may be a good deal to go for. This is because if the agent promotes your home on social media and other online channels, it will build a demand even before your home goes on the market. If you need a really fast sale you could contact a specialist house cash buyer. Companies like Repossession Stoppers claim to be able to buy your house in as little as week, but do expect them to offer around 80% of the actual market value for a quick sale. Not an ideal solution, but if you’re in a hurry could provide a secondary option.

Market your home yourself

If you want to sell a home quicker in summer, and at the best price, it is always wise not to leave everything on the agent. Get your word out regarding your home sale using your personal social media pages and send your home’s listing page to your family, friends and colleagues. You never know what friend of a relative or a friend, may be searching for home in your neighborhood. If you do wish to sell your house yourself then watch out for the scams from dodgy house buyers: https://www.asksusan.org.uk/buy-my-house-scams-warning-fast-cash-sales/

Make upgrades

To upgrade your home, you don’t need to go for major remodeling or renovation. Instead, do small upgrades, especially in a bathroom and kitchen; the areas that are most likely to bring you a greater ROI. A new cabinet hardware and sink in your kitchen, or some light fixtures, hand towels and shower curtains in a bathroom, are all economical ways to instantly renovate your place.  If you have a lawn, mow grass on a regular basis. You can mow on the diagonal to curb appeal and add dimension. If the exterior paint is fading up, give it a fresh coat. Also, it will be great if you brighten up your home using artificial lights as summer buyers tend to go on a search in the evening or at night.

Keep your home cool

There is nothing worse than a hotter, stuffy room for your potential home buyers. Keep the AC temperature just below the usual temperature on extra hot days. The cool, scented and spacious indoors help buyers view the home properly and for longer.

We hope that by following these simple tips, you would be on the right path to sell your home quicker this summer, and move on to another place easily.

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