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The emergence of online industries

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7th Nov 19 10:19 am

There are many different industries that have recently emerged into the online world, including travel, casinos, retail and entertainment. With the growth of the internet throughout the 21st Century, more and more of these traditional industries are having to move online to keep themselves relevant, and to compete with consumer demand.

The online world has become one of, if not the, main way consumers purchase products and services, with many studies showing that people spend a considerable amount of their time immersed in the online world. According to one study that focused on the “decade of the smartphone”, people spend an average of one whole day (24 hours) of their week online.

Therefore, in order for industries to survive, many of them have had to step into the online world, boosting their visibility to potential customers through a range of different digital marketing tactics.

Online travel

Before this boom in online activity and engagement, the travel industry used to operate primarily through local travel agencies. These agencies would sell people various different components of their holidays, including flights, hotels, car hires and more, in addition to giving general advice on the trip, and what potential locations would be good for them to visit.

However, with the rapid rise of the online world has emerged numerous different platforms, helping travellers to organise all the various different parts of their holiday themselves. With the likes of Booking.com, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor, travellers can now find the best accommodation, restaurants, and a long reviewed list of things to do independent from their local travel agency.

Online casinos

Betting and casinos are another industry that has gained a tremendous online presence in recent years.

Whilst bricks and mortar casino houses are still a popular attraction for tourists and those wanting more of an atmosphere when gambling, online casinos have in many ways revolutionised this industry, including with the inception of Slotsia’s new casinos. The UK Government has even changed laws surrounding gambling to include this now incredibly popular form of betting (Gambling Act 2005).

With the rise of online casinos, the gambling industry has managed to retain its popularity and usage; enabling its users to play a variety of different casino games through their online devices from anywhere in the world.

Online retail

The retail industry has also had to adapt to this increasing presence of the online world, with shops now selling many, if not most, of their products through websites, which are then delivered to the customer’s address.

Due to the easy, hassle-free nature of online shopping, more and more people are now doing most of their shopping online. Whilst traditional, physical retail certainly remains relevant, and a key part to the industry, the sector’s emerging into the online world has significantly helped it to retain its presence and success.

Online entertainment

Entertainment is another sector to which this boom in the online world has transformed, with the likes of Blockbuster and various TV channels being somewhat overtaken by popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV. The industry has also seen the rise of Spotify and Apple Music, enabling people to listen to podcasts and music on the go from an extensive list of different artists.

The entertainment industry has changed drastically to meet the demands of its online audience, introducing such entertainment platforms as YouTube to provide users with a diverse range of video content in the form of channels.

The industry’s move into the online world has also created a range of different jobs, making what was already a very profitable sector even more lucrative. The rise of YouTube has come with the creation of the Influencer, and with it, Influencer marketing. Additionally, these online platforms also provide greater access to aspiring film and TV producers wanting a platform to share their work.

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