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The advantages of using web-based SMS marketing platforms

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27th Nov 20 12:20 pm

If you are new to the world of digital marketing then you may have a wry smile on your face when hearing the word SMS as a means of marketing. Believe it or not, the traditional text message is not dead and whilst instant messaging has taken over when it comes to communicating between friends and family, there is still a great deal of scope for the SMS when it comes to business marketing to their customers. For any business which does decide to invest in an SMS marketing strategy, here is why they should always look to do so with a web based SMS marketing platform.

Cost of messaging

As a business owner cost will likely be the uppermost thought in your mind here, and you will be pleased to hear that sending an SMS through an online provider like Touch SMS, is the cheapest option. If you send text messages online using touchSMS then you will be looking at fees as low as 1.8p per message, in comparison to 3.6 if you were to send individually from the business

Personalised messages

When our customers receive a message from a business they will instantly be suspicious that it is spam, this is why we need to personalise those messages. Through the use of a web-based SMS platform, you can do just this. Through the compiling of set fields for each customer you can write to them with personalised information such as their name, company, locations, interests and even their last purchase. This will greatly help you to increase the level of customer engagement which you get

 Important metrics

A list of phone numbers is only worth having if they are high quality. By high quality what we mean is that there are numbers of customers who want to be contacted and who are likely to engage, as well as being numbers of active phones. Through the metrics that a web-based provider can give you, it will only take one campaign for you to highlight which messages didn’t arrive, which were engaged with and which were not. This information helps you to streamline your campaign so that you are only spending money and effort where it matters

Auto response

Not only can you provide personalised messaging for your customers, you can also set up and auto response system which will ensure that you can engage with them, without someone having to be on hand to do so. This can be used for surveys or even for customer service and it is a great tool to have on your side

 Opt out

And finally a web-based SMS provider will be able to offer the customer a feature to opt-out if they so wish. This not only ensures that you are respecting what the customer wants, but it builds a line of trust between you and the customer and reminds them that if they want, you will leave them alone in the future

This is a great service which more businesses should be looking to use

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