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Tencent hails commercial success

5th Jul 24 8:12 am

Tencent knows the playground to run a successful empire is to keep the highs.

Their growth by investing and developing entertainment for different audiences has contributed to their rise in the business world.

Speaking of Tencent’s biggest success, Gillian Mercylin, an author at thesolitaire, said, “Tencent has a fair share of everything profitable. Their ability to discern the products that will bring them commercial success is without parallel. From owning a piece of Fortnite, Snapchat, and even Tesla, Tencent holds onto the lucrative entertainment and interaction industry.”

The Dungeon & Fighter mobile venture

The release of the global version of Dungeon & Fighter Online, under the Tencent banner in 2015 came with a host of accolades. The Tencent and Nexon creation has become one of the most-played and most popular games of its time. Currently, the spark that lit the recent fame comes with the release of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile.

Anticipating a huge success prior to release, the CEO of Nexon, Junghun Lee, had said, “We strongly believe Dungeon&Fighter Mobile can energize our large base of existing fans and attract new players to the franchise.”

While everything seems uphill on the DnF Mobile front, several Android app markets took out the game. There is only a tiny clue as to why some app markets have lost the contract to DnF Mobile. The contracts may have simply expired with the various markets, but the bitter 50% revenue share pill may be a reason, too.

The rise and success of Tencent in the market

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile currently fans the flame of China’s stock for 2024 with a $91 billion market value. The success is higher than any other company in China. The business climate and regulatory improvisations take the credit for this growth.

The fruit of the income will reach Tencent’s wallet first, with its stock rising and advertising efforts requiring the influx. With added glory, Tencent continues to be the best-performing company in the global game market. In fact, even Nintendo and NetEase have fallen short.

Tencent is now considered the second-largest stock to have in Asia behind Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. The shares have grown by 28% this year with the addition of the $91 billion in market value. In five years, this game has marked the biggest success for Tencent.

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