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Ten tips on how to jumpstart your digital marketing career

by John Saunders
20th Nov 20 12:12 am

If you are looking to jumpstart your career in digital marketing, this is the time. The digital economy today is expanding at three times the United States’ GDP, with the marketers earning more than half the population. Here are some tips to get you moving towards your career into digital marketing.

1. Be eager to learn

Digital marketing is growing fast, and the competition is incredibly high. It, therefore, becomes easy for companies to tell the difference between candidates who are eager to learn, and those who are in it for the sake of it. The digital industry needs people who are both keen to learn and have a genuine passion, as well as the desire to make it.

2. Stay updated

As a digital marketer, you need to stay updated on the latest in the industry by following digital marketing sites and industry influencers on social media. The major industry players such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google keep tweaking their algorithms and paid ad platforms, and you have to keep updated on the changes they make.

3. Networking

Change your circles to people who are more experienced and have been in the industry longer. These people will be your support network when you run aground, and they will help you to open doors that you might not have been available before.

Attend industry conferences and build relationships with other marketers to enhance your skills via the numerous presentations and presentations.

4. Try out your projects

Do not be afraid to try out your ideas and take the opinions of the industry’s leaders with a pinch of salt. In digital marketing, things are not always black and white. There are gray areas in between what is factual in theory and what is actually on the ground and can bear results.

As a digital marketer, you should have a few personal projects that help you to test out theoretical facts. It would help if you also tried out various disciplines such as Social Media, PPC, Content Marketing, SEO, etc. You should also be ready to be accountable in the event of failure and take credit for success.

5. Learn the industry jargon

Digital marketers have to be comfortable with the industry jargon and acronyms such as SEM, SEO, PPC, etc. They are all different terms with different meanings, and grasping their implications sets you on the path of being a better marketer.

Your ability to understand the elements that work and do not, and analyze marketing campaigns depends on your ability to understand the industry terminology.

6. Build a brand

Being a digital marketer is all about building a brand. If you want to make yourself visible to agencies like MediaGroup and show them you are a worthy marketer, how about creating your brand first? A robust online presence could be a deciding element between two candidates vying for the same digital marketer position.

7. T-shaped marketer

T-shaped marketer refers to having a fair understanding of various marketing disciplines but deciding to specialize in one or two skills. It is common for many companies to look for candidates who have broad digital marketing skillsets. Having various skills makes you better at choosing the path you want to focus on.

8. Learn something new

While digital marketing sounds like a glamorous title, the job is often data-driven and can get quite technical. You might not be developing the websites from the ground up. Still, you need to communicate your marketing strategies to developer teams or designers who are responsible for incorporating all your ideas and suggestions. Basic knowledge of graphic design and HTML will help you stand out among your peers who might not have the same skills.

9. Understand metrics

If you want to stand out in a job interview, know the difference between CPA and CPC. Know about the returns on ad spending for a campaign you have run in the past. It is not the same talking about aa creative concept for a campaign you have helped in developing, the interviewer wants to see hard facts and results.

10. Get some certification

Complete a certified digital marketing course and get the certification. The digital marketing industry has no barriers, and anyone with a fair grasp of industry jargon can get a position as a digital marketer. Do not be a marketer who can talk the talk, but become one who can walk the talk.


Being a digital marketer is open for all. To stand out in the industry, you need to be on top of your game. Be updated on the latest news; use the latest apps and software, understand the industry terminology, etc. Know your way around, be eager to learn and passionate, and you will well be on your way to success.

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