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Taking care of your business: Five reasons to use VoIP

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3rd Jul 20 1:27 pm

The world grows digitalized every day, and it’s hard to imagine an industry that goes without technological advancement nowadays. Telephony is no exception, as most of the companies around the globe choose VoIP solutions for business over landline telephony. But what exactly are VoIP benefits, and do they really make such a difference? Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. You always know what’s going on

It is not only the connection a company gets along with VoIP in business. It is also the ability to see statistics, monitor problems, optimize processes, and increase income, as a result. Another VoIP benefit in this regard is the ease of use. Although every solution is complex, you don’t need any specific knowledge to become familiar with it and make most of VoIP in business. Just as a plus, the environment in any solution has a user-friendly interface, so you will find your way around it in no time.

2. It saves money

Probably, the biggest advantage of VoIP is its cost-efficiency, especially for those whose business is international. The first reason is quite easy to grasp: if your company uses VoIP for phone calls, the bills will not look scary. The prices for international calls are transparent, clear, and way lower than calls in roaming. But there are more subtle ways voice over IP for businesses helps to save money. Say, the sales are down. If you use cloud telephony, it is easy to figure out the reason – speech transcripts and detailed statistics about each call are dynamic and accessible, so you can fix the discovered issues and increase the sales.

3. It is easy to integrate into any CRM

Another point in the benefits of VoIP over traditional telephony list is the way it improves both processes in a call center and interaction with customers. IP telephony solutions are easily integrable in any CRM, so agents will see all the information about clients or leads that they need. Scheduling calls, making notes, and updating the lead’s status is available in a single virtual environment, which is why VoIP is also great for client management.

4. Your business can have a local presence anywhere

If your business is going international (or has global ambitions), here is another benefit of VoIP you will enjoy. No need to move an office or a call center to a specific country. Virtual numbers with local codes and SIP termination will do the magic of giving you the presence where you need to be. All it takes is finding agents that speak the language there, and your business is good to go abroad. If your business is already in several countries, there is also a solution to manage customers and sales. For working with multiple time zones and area codes, there is VoIP predictive dialer. It selects the appropriate time to call and the right caller ID to show to the receiver, saving the agents time they spend talking with customers.

5. You are not bound to the station

What is the biggest benefit of VoIP? Usually, its cost efficiency comes to mind first. But in today’s reality, all the businesses worldwide learn how important it is to be mobile and flexible. Yes, it’s about the lockdown. All voice over IP solutions are cloud-based, which means you can access the working environment wherever you are. The safety of the employees without sacrificing the profit of the business is another reason why you should use VoIP services for business. Nonetheless, it is relevant even in normal conditions, as landline connection doesn’t give you any mobility, which is crucial for growth.


Altogether, these voice over IP benefits just make the whole work process better. The statistics are intelligible, client management is efficient, the connection is clear, the interface is intuitive, and the bills don’t hurt. Experience is better than theory, so the best way to figure it out is to try.

If you are no stranger to voice over IP for business but want to take your expertise to the next level, read more about call center metrics that matter.

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