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Style Guide: How to dress like an Italian woman

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28th Feb 22 3:14 pm

Only France comes remotely close to Italy on the list of the most fashionable countries worldwide. Italian fashion designers and houses have global recognition and they are the number one choice of many fashionistas. Therefore, it is no surprise that Italian women are the benchmark for many females seeking to elevate their overall style.

Italian fashion is widely renowned for its simplicity and elegance that never goes out of style. Here is a complete style guide on how to dress like an Italian woman.

  • Invest in good lingerie

Italian women carry an aura of confidence and sexiness that enchants many individuals who come across them every day. The secret to their charm is pretty basic yet ever so effective: good lingerie. It may sound silly, but you are more likely to gain confidence throughout the day if you are wearing high-quality lingerie. Additionally, great undergarments significantly impact how well your clothes fit your body.

  • Always wear a beautiful fit

The French and Italians share an appreciation for a beautifully fitted outfit because they understand that it can transform you from frumpy and disorganised to elegant and sophisticated. As such, it is best to know how garments fall on your body. For this, you can find a tailor or seamstress that can slightly alter your pre made garments to ensure that they fit your body perfectly. Alternatively, you can learn how to alter and tailor your clothing to take better charge of your style.

  • Keep colour to a minimum

You will rarely spot an Italian woman in a loud, multi-coloured print. Instead, you will find them gliding majestically in public sporting clothes in beige tones, warm creams, or crisp white. There is nothing bad about colour, but Italians always keep it to a minimum and wear a quiet pop of colour with a general neutral look. As such, feel free to splurge on all-black and all-white outfits, as well as soft burgundy and blue tones.

  • Have quality basics

Italians love and understand the value present in high-quality and timeless basic pieces, so it is no surprise that they wear them often. The fine details of these gorgeous quality basics are essentially the foundation of their elegant and sophisticated appearances. Therefore, invest in luxurious fabrics like cashmere, merino, and linen, and take good care of them so they can be worn for many years.

  • Wear long coats during the fall

A sleek, long coat is non-negotiable for the colder months, so don’t shy away from donning one, however intimidating it may seem. You can even go the extra mile to select a long coat that reaches your ankles, so keep this in mind. You can explore many variations, but all of them stand out and are perfect for layering, irrespective of your preferred option.

  • Always wear a statement piece

A statement or elevated piece is one thing you will always find in an Italian woman’s outfit. It seems they always find a way to incorporate these pieces in their look, irrespective of where they are going. Therefore, you should also wear statement pieces that bring out the best in you. This piece could be something small like a stunning pair of earrings or an heirloom broach. Alternatively, you can opt for something that makes more of an impression, like a statement coat. Regardless of your choice, a statement piece is elegant, adds the right dose of personality, and makes your look more unique.

  • Wear high heels every day

The mere idea of wearing high heels every day is a daunting prospect for many ladies. However, fashion experts say this is the price to pay if you really want to look the part at all times. Italian women love their heels and wear them everywhere, whether they are on their bikes or walking on the cobblestone streets. Consequently, consider investing in quality, stylish, and comfortable high heels from great designers to elevate your look.

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