Spotify set to restrict some music to paying customers only


Why has the streaming service made this decision?

Spotify is making some major changes to its service, one of these is to restrict some music to paying customers only.

Originally all music could be listened to by anyone, Spotify has made an agreement with some record labels to restrict some the biggest new releases to its paying customers.

The premium tier currently costs £9.99 a month, listeners get to download music with offline playback and everything is ad-free.

Spotify has 50m paying subscribers as well as 50m free users. It has the largest paid user-base in the music streaming industry.

By restricting some music from its free users, the streaming service can gain a reduction on royalty fees paid to labels and will also get hold of exclusive releases from artists such as Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. All currently have restricted albums to the paid tier of competing services such as Tidal and Apple Music.