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South Korea ‘emergency’ as 204 people are infected with coronavirus

by LLB Reporter
21st Feb 20 2:36 pm

South Korea has confirmed 100 cases of coronavirus on Friday and confirmed two deaths, said PM Chung Sye-Kun and emergency measures have been stepped up to contain the deadly virus.

South Korean authorities suspect the coronavirus outbreak started in Cheongdo after a large number of sect followers attended a funeral.

Around 9,000 members of the religious group were ordered to self-isolate as the sect has been identified as a virus hotbed.

South Korea now has 204 confirmed cases of the coronavirus making it the largest cluster outside mainland China.

PM Chung, “It is urgent to find people who have contacted infected people and cure patients.

Adding, “The government has so far focused on curbing infections coming from outside the country. From now on, the government will further prioritise preventing the virus from spreading locally.”

“Special care zones” have been declared in the southern cities of Daegu and Cheongdo and the streets are abandoned.

Military bases are also in lockdown as three soldiers have tested positive for coronavirus.

Senior health experts believe that North Korea could have a coronavirus outbreak that could be “much more lethal” and be going undetected in the impoverished country that hold 25m people.

Nicholas David Thomas, an associate professor at City University of Hong Kong and a specialist in health security in Asia, said, “There is a thriving black-market network up on the North Korean/Chinese border.

“And so, all you need is one infected person to be smuggled in or smuggled out and either state wouldn’t immediately know.”

China has confirmed more than 2,000 people have died and there are almost 80,000 cases of coronavirus in the country.

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