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Simplified loans with online services

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4th Sep 20 10:44 am

Lenders have made many adjustments to their service protocol to help people get money faster during COVID. Online applications make it easy to stay safe while applying for a loan. Payday loan representatives can review your credit, documents, and application online so you can stay home during the pandemic. With some online research, you can find the right lender to match your needs.

Customer service

You can still get great customer service with online lenders. You may fill out forms online, however, many lenders conduct personal phone calls to complete the loan process. This gives you a chance to ask questions and clarify important details. Many websites also offer a live chat option for quick access to a specialist.

Applications and other forms

Many businesses make documents available online for clients. Lenders may have a feature where you can fill out the application online. Once it is filled out, you can simply click the “submit” button. If you prefer to fill out a paper form, request a printable version that you can fill out traditionally. You can then scan your application to an email or fax it to the lender.

The lender may ask you for supporting documents after receiving your application. When you attend a face-to-face lending interview, you may bring a large number of papers with you. These may include your bank records, proof of income, and proof of residence. With online service, you may send these documents through email or upload them to your personal account.

Signing documents

When you enter into a lending agreement, you must sign several documents. With the pandemic, you may not feel comfortable going into the office to interact with a representative. Your loan counselor can tell you how to sign your lending agreement online. You can accomplish this easily with a touchscreen phone, tablet, or computer. If you must sign the paper form, talk to the lender about sending it through an email or fax. Some websites have clients set up a PIN number to use as their signature, as well.


You may have concerns about receiving money on time when you take out a loan. With E-transfer payday loans, you can have money transferred directly to your bank account. Talk to your lender about when to expect the deposit. Many companies can process a payday loan within 24-48 hours. Your lender needs your bank routing number and account number to accomplish this.

Online lending services make it more convenient to apply for loans. Research the company you plan to use and fill out your loan application online. If you feel more comfortable talking to a representative first, use the live chat option or call the lender. The lender can process your application and accept supporting documents online, as well. With approval, you can request an e-transfer of your funds. Payday lenders can often complete the entire loan process within 24- 48 hours, making it easy to get emergency funds. Call a lender today to get the financial help you need.

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