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Shruti Tripathi: Why I’m NOT excited about the iPhone 6

by LLB Editor
31st Mar 14 11:39 am

Apple need to give its customers a bigger bang for the buck, says our associate editor

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*Yawn* – the iPhone 6 is coming in September.

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, the smooth touchscreen, the 8GB storage and the 3.5-inch screen were like the epitome of ultra-cool. Owning the iPhone at the time was the ultimate status symbol.

But in the years that followed, it was the same old phone in a brand new package. Just a few tweaks to design and storage and an aggressive PR campaign to build hype were enough to hook customers.

Not anymore though. I think Apple is fast becoming the “dad dancing” variety of smartphones.

Here’s why I think we shouldn’t be making a big deal about the iPhone 6:

1. Not cool anymore

For too long, Apple’s been resting on its cool quotient laurels with giving customers the smallest updates for big price tags.

But, guess what, it’s been snoozing and losing.

For 2014, Apple has slumped from second to 14th in a list of Britain’s favourite brands.

2. Big screen? Playing catch-up with Samsung

Yes, the iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with two screen sizes, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Well, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z have had big screens since 2008. So no wow factor for Apple there.

3. 13 megapixel camera? No, thank you

If I’m spending 600 quid on a phone, I want the best camera.

At a time where other smartphone players are offering a 16-megapixel camera, the iPhone 5s just offering a mere eight-megapixel.

Rumours doing rounds suggest that even if Apple does improve its camera it wouldn’t be more than 13 megapixels. Meh.

4. Apple maps is a joke

Previous versions of Apple maps have had people lose their ways more than helping them reach their destination. Missing data and location errors made the application a joke with customers demanding Apple to re-introduce Google maps.

Apple is expected to be fixed all these errors in the iPhone 6. But then again Apple says that each time it updates its software….

5. Bad Operating System

Each time Apple updates its operating system, complaints of bugs pour in. Just last month, it was reported that there is a  serious bug that affects every Apple device.

Apple’s expected to launch iOS 8 in September. Going by history, I’m not sure it will impress.

Apple needs to up its game if it wants its fan following. A testimony to that its drop in sales. The tech giant sold 51 million iPhones during the last quarter of 2013. But Wall Street analysts were expecting closer to 57 million iPhones. Also, rumours are doing the rounds that Apple is planning to discontinue the iPhone 5c because of lacklusture sales.

Apple can only win back its lost customer base by giving a bigger bang for the buck.

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