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Should Trump end up in prison his heavily armed secret service team will go with him to ‘protect him at all cost’ which is ‘just bizarre’

by LLB Politics Reporter
4th Apr 23 11:05 am

It has been revealed on Tuesday that should the former US President Donald Trump end up in prison then his whole team of heavily armed secret service agents would under “federal law” go with him to “protect him at all cost.”

On Tuesday Trump will be escorted to court and he will be “surrounded by his own armed guards – namely the secret service of the United States.”

A retired US judge told Sky News, “No matter where he goes, he will have secret service protection, which creates just this bizarre image.

“Let’s assume the worst for Mr Trump: if he were sentenced to some sort of confinement, he would be confined with his secret service agents.

“They are ordered under federal law to protect him at all cost.

“So we are wading into territory that is just bizarre – (that’s) the only way I can describe it.”

Trump will face criminal charges today and plans ‘very loudly’ plead ‘not guilty’ in a ‘politically motivated case’

Trump has called the court case a “witch hunt” and claims that it is “politically motivated” as he running for the White House and called the judge “biased.”

Judge Cosgrove warned that Trump’s comment is “not a good thing to do.”

He said, “Judges don’t appreciate that sort of accusation.

“First of all, in this case, it is completely untrue. That’s the furthest thing from anyone’s mind except Donald Trump’s.”

The judge added, “It’s not a good thing to step into the courtroom when the one person who’s in charge, the adult in the courtroom, is the judge.

“This is really a foolish thing on Mr Trump’s part.

“His lawyer, Joe Tacopina, walked that back the other day saying that, no, the judge is certainly not biased and that’s a smart thing to do.”

American conservative activist Corinne Clark Barron said that many people “on the right” believe that Trump’s court appearance constitutes a “politically motivated case against the former president, and that is unprecedented in itself.”

Clark Barron told Sky News, “I think the interesting thing right now is that the actual charges of this case have been sealed.

“So everything that we can think about – what he might have been charged with – is pure speculation.

“I suspect that the politically motivated people behind this case want there to be the most speculation possible about what he could have been charged with.”

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