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Setting up your home office: The best office supplies

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19th Jan 21 5:18 pm

Many people work from home due to changes at work or due to self-employment. When setting up a home office, you may realise you need a lot of office supplies that you often don’t purchase for yourself. A home office can also become cluttered quickly if you lack proper organisation and storage space. With a few basic items and some smart shopping, you can have a well-supplied home office.


When you begin working from home, you may discover that clutter happens quickly. You may need extra items to avoid running to the office supply store too often. When you bring home large amounts of paper, ink, and pens, you need somewhere to put them. Hard copies of documents can also take over the room. Adequate storage space often involves the purchase of file cabinets, shelves, and a spacious desk. You may find that decorative baskets or boxes help keep clutter off of your shelves, as well.


Once you have the space to keep all of your office supplies, start getting organised. May office supply stores have labels, dividers, and a variety of small containers. Decide on a system to keep papers and books in order. Binders with dividers can help with printed papers. File cabinets also offer several drawers for organised documents. Small containers for your drawers can help keep pens and other small items organised. Avoid desktop clutter with a pen holder and basket for other small items.

 Daily use items

While it is nice to have a clear desk, you may become frustrated having to search for items you use daily. If you have desk drawers, use them to store frequently used items. These often include things like a stapler, hole punch, and paper clips. You can usually purchase large packages of paper clips, rubber bands, and pens. Think about purchasing enough of these to last for several months. A high-quality stapler and hole punch can also save you a trip to the store for replacements.

 Bulk supplies

You may save money purchasing items in bulk. Office supply stores often cater to large companies. You can easily find large boxes of printer paper, for example. You can stock up on frequently used items to make working from home more convenient. You may consider purchasing an adequate supply of paper, printer ink, and writing utensils. You may not have time to run to the store during a busy workday if you run out of necessities. Visit your local office supply store to choose the best office supplies.

Whether you work at a busy office or at home, you can benefit from a reputable office supply store. When setting up your home office, think about the items you use daily and how to store extra supplies. You must have plenty of space for extra paper and printer ink, for example. When you buy items in bulk, you can store them in decorative baskets or boxes on a shelf. If you need printed copies of documents, a large file cabinet or several binders can help keep you organised. Whether you need to stock a new home office or just replenish your supply closet, an office-supply store should have the items you need.

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