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Self-service for self care: How Booksy is empowering salon customers

by John Saunders
16th Nov 21 1:51 pm

The world we live in is constantly evolving – from the way we work to the way we socialise and, even the way we shop.  Giant leaps in technology serve to streamline simple tasks and, rather than dehumanising us, help to bring us together by creating greater independence and freeing up our time for more enjoyable pursuits.  One helpful but occasionally maligned form of technology is that of self-service.

Unexpected benefits in the bagging area

When we think about self service, our thoughts may turn to the supermarket checkout whereby customers can whizz their groceries through the checkout process themselves without suffering queues or the glacial speed of a disinterested cashier.  While this is arguably one of the most common forms that we come across, self service is creeping into many more corners of industry, including that of the hair and beauty sector.

54.67% of consumers say that they prefer self-service over having to make a telephone call and, in fact, many state that they will actively avoid businesses who do not offer self service as an option.  Simply put, with busy lives, most people don’t want to have to make a call with the risk of being put on hold and then having to navigate different accents and bad lines, just to get what they want.  For the hair and beauty industry, this can often mean lost customers and, therefore, lost revenue due to old school ways of operating.  Needless to say, this can be disastrous for salons who are desperately trying to recover from closures during the pandemic but, thankfully, help is at hand in the form of Booksy.

Keeping things moving

Designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry, Booksy began life as a simple appointment booking system but, in 2021, this handy tool is all grown up and offers a full suite of management tools for salon owners, including:

Appointment booking

Despite a number of new and innovative features, appointment booking is still the star of the Booksy show and, customers can hold the phone while they, instead, quickly and easily book, manage and cancel their own appointments through the Booksy mobile phone app.  As well as offering greater convenience for customers, this helps salon owners to make valuable savings on staffing as they no longer need to hire a dedicated receptionist to take telephone bookings.

Payment and prepayment

Of all the problems faced by salon owners, the tippety top is probably that of the dreaded no-show.  With increasingly busy schedules, customers will often forget about their appointment or, simply decide not to turn up.  While mistakes do, of course, happen, no-shows can be extremely frustrating – not to mention costly – for salon owners who find themselves with empty chairs during busy times.  Booksy lets customers pay for their appointments through the app to save time and hassle but, more importantly, salon owners are able to use this feature to request either full prepayment or a deposit for booked appointments.  This can be a game changer for salons as customers are more likely to either show up or amend / cancel their appointment rather than end up out of pocket.

All about the sales

While in-store hair and beauty treatments are the bread and butter of a salon’s business, many owners choose to add a lucrative revenue stream to their business by selling products and additional services to their customers.  In this respect, the pandemic posed yet another conundrum as the in-store retail wall became a thing of the past in a bid to reduce the amount of handling of products within the premises.  Booksy solves this problem by giving salon owners the opportunity to sell products and upsell services directly through the app for a cracking, contact free solution to sales.


In 2021, email remains one of the most effective methods of marketing for the hair and beauty industry but, for many owners, there are simply not enough hours in the day to perform this effectively.  Booksy’s suite of marketing tools, including email outreach, takes the strain out of getting in touch with new and existing customers and can help to significantly increase visibility.


While it may be good to talk, figures show that, for the busy consumer, self-service is absolutely the way forward.  Thankfully, salon owners can put this in place quickly and easily without having to hire teams of techy experts or having to spend hours on site maintenance.  Booksy’s full booking and management service is an affordable, common sense solution for salon owners looking to deliver convenience and outstanding customer service to their clients in 2022.

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