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Selecting the slot machine with the best payout

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5th Feb 20 12:57 pm

It might look like winning at a slot game is hard. However, you do not need to be hard on yourself; it’s just how these machines are programmed. Do not take it as bad luck only that you do not know how these slots operate for players to win and lose. To win at a slot machine is not a piece of cake and neither is it impossible. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips that can help you in your quest of selecting a winning slot machine, thereby, giving yourself an edge over the house and ensuring your win. So let’s get started

Look out for slots with high payout

To know the payout rate of a slot machine. You will have to understand the RTP (return to player), which is also the payout of the game. Let me give an illustration, a player gets to win $150 when he bets with $100 on a slot, He would have an RTP of 150%. As players get nearer to infinity, the closer the payback percentage show up, just as the game was designed

You can easily get the RTP of a slot machine game by searching for them online. When you get to see RTP values like 97% or 96%, it means the game has a good return. So always go for slot machines with higher RTP even though the casino will still have its house edge, just know you already gain leverage by knowing which of their slot machine has the highest payout. So armed with this knowledge, when next you play a slot game like the Desert Treasure. All you need to do is await your win in an oasis of winnings in Desert Treasure online slot, which is another high paying slot game.

Figuring out the volatility

The volatility of a slot machine is also very important when selecting a high paying machine. What do we mean by volatility? Volatility is known to be the variance, which is sometimes called the risk level. It’s a measure of risk that is taken in playing a slot machine game. You might be wondering how you can possibly win by knowing a risk level of a game. Well, you’ll be surprised by how this simple knowledge can help with your win.

The volatility is known to be of two types which are the low and the high volatility. A slot machine that happens to have low volatility will see more regular wins, but with a little payout. The risk is low and you will need little patience here. The ones with the high volatility mean the win is not frequent but the payout is large, you should also know that it is way risky than the low volatility and I will recommend this to the patient players.

You could try to figure out how high or low the volatility of a slot machine is by going on the internet. However, the information you will get might not be enough as you know casinos will not want to you know all there is about the slot game. Try and check out reviews about slot machine games instead as they have already been tested but if you have doubts you can also check it out yourself with free spins. Therefore, if you win big in the long run, it means the game has high volatility and if you’re winning small in the short run, it means it has low volatility.

Staking big

Now what you should know is that you can’t achieve big winning using small bets such as staking $1 except you are in serious luck. The cause of losing a bet sometimes is the amount put into the game and players often fail to understand that. It could be that they are afraid to lose big, which is why they don’t take a huge risk that is sometimes needed for big winnings. The payout of a slot machine was designed to be proportional to the amount staked. That is not to say you should empty your fund to win, don’t get me wrong all am saying is it helps to win big.

Check out for more unbranded slots

You might be wondering why I’m advising you to check out unbranded slots. Well, let me enlighten you on why branded slots will never give you an easy win. For the casino game developers to get popular movie names or brands. A large sum of money is paid to make use of the name as a brand for the game. The purpose of having a branded slot is mainly to lure players to play a particular game. Imagine seeing a slot game branded “Avengers”, you’ll definitely get the urge to check out the features of this Slot game because of the popular movie name used for the game. So logically the casino will never give you an easy win after making such investment on the game. Now you know why it is advisable to look out more unbranded slots.

Slot game reviews

If you’re still getting doubts on which slot game to play to give you an easy win, check out the slot game review is also a recommendable option. Players tend to stick to a slot game that gives easy wins and there will always be a lot of players making reviews about the game. So before you decide on playing a slot game next time, check if the game has a good review. This trending slot game has been getting good reviews too, you can try out your luck and guide yourself through with this article

Bonus offers

Another thing I’ll like to recommend to players is Special bonus offers. Sometimes casino games release special bonus offers to players allowing free spins, free chips and other special offers which is more of a marketing strategy to the casino companies. My advice for you here is to be on the lookout for these special offers and take advantage of them. For example, a player that gets to have 50 free spins is bestowed with a chance at winning. That is because you are not paying a dine to try out 50 spins. There is a possibility you can have like 4 wins and you might possibly win big, sometimes depending on other factors.


The slot games can be sometimes tricky so make sure you check the games out with free trials to try and figure out the RTP, Volatility, and other things mentioned in this article to help you out on selecting a winning slot and win. Sometimes all you could need to win might be a loose slot (a slot that payout to players is very frequently due to program error or malfunction), in the end, the game still depends on luck but just that this time you have an edge. I hope this article has helped you out on your big quest, and remember to watch the bankroll and bet wisely. Have a nice day!

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