Seen the awesome upside-down car at Southbank? This is how it was made


More gravity-defying art from Alex Chinneck

Remember that sculpture at Covent Garden that looked like one of the buildings had been chopped in half, with the top half impossibly floating above a gap?

Floating building

Alex Chinneck, the artist who created it, has just brought his latest work to London. Southbank, to be precise.

And it’s pretty cool.

It looks like a strip of road has been peeled and arched up, and there is a car hanging from the top curve of the road.

The one-tonne car is upside-down but stuck to the tarmac in another feat of making what you’re seeing seem impossible.

Vauxhall Motors commissioned the work, called “Pick yourself up and pull yourself together”, to promote its new Corsa.


Here’s a video of how the sculpture was created:


Alex Chinneck for Vauxhall Motors: Pick yourself up and pull yourself together