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Scotland to enter stricter lockdown with click and collect restricted

by LLB political Reporter
13th Jan 21 2:38 pm

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the country are to face stricter lockdown measures in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid.

Speaking during First Minister’s Questions (FMQs) Sturgeon said there will be six new rules, which will be enshrined in law to come into place from Saturday.

She told Parliament the six key changes would be, restricting click and collect, no going indoors to get takeaways and she has banned outdoor drinking.

Sturgeon will be reinforcing that businesses are to ensure staff can work from home, only essential home maintenance and people can only leave their home and stay out of their homes for essential purposes only.

Sturgeon said, “Firstly, we intend to limit the availability and operation of click and collect retail services.

“Only retail services selling essential items will be allowed to offer click and collect.

“This will include clothes and footwear, baby equipment, books, all other click and collect services must stop.”

Regarding the second new measure she said, “Secondly, we intend to apply restrictions to take away services as customers will no longer be permitted to go inside to collect takeaway food or coffee.

“Any outlet wishing to offer takeaway will have to do so from a serving hatch or doorway.

“This is to reduce the risk of customers coming into contact indoors with each other.”

Announcing alcohol restrictions she said, “Thirdly we intend to change the rules around the consumption of alcohol.

“At the moment different parts of Scotland have different rules in regards to the consumption of alcohol in outdoor places however from Saturday it will be against the law in all level four areas.”

On the fourth restriction Sturgeon said, “Fourthly and significantly we intend to strengthen the obligation on employers to allow their staff to work from home whenever possible.

“The law already says that we should be leaving to go to work if it is work that cannot be done from home, this is a legal obligation.

“If your staff were working from home during the first lockdown last year, they should be working from home now and you should be facilitating that.”

On working from home, the First Minister said, “Fifthly we will strengthen the provisions in relation to work inside people’s houses.

“We have already issued guidance that in level four areas, work is only permitted within a private dwelling if it is essential to the upkeep, maintenance or functioning of the household.

“We will now put this guidance into law.”

And on the sixth rule she added, “Right now the law states that people can only leave home for essential purposes.

“However, having left home for an essential purpose someone could then stay out of their home to do something that is not essential without breaching the law as it stands.

“So the amendment will make it clear that people must not leave or remain outside their home unless for an essential purpose.”

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