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Salaries are rising at the fastest rate in 24 years

by LLB staff reporter
11th Oct 21 12:43 pm

The announcement that starter salaries are rising at the fastest rate in 24 years is proof that the pandemic has driven demand for skilled employees, specifically those with digital skills. The drop in candidates for IT jobs is also leading employers to rethink the roles they need to fill to support their future growth.

This need to upskill echoes recent research from low-code provider Mendix, who shows that there’s a real need for a speedy solution to this issue. In its recent ‘State of low-code’ report, Mendix found that 79% of UK businesses are planning to further accelerate software development in the next two years.

With a finite number of developers available to fill roles, organisations need to look beyond IT professionals to ensure they have the support they need to deliver on this ambition. As a result, 37% of businesses already offer more training to upskill internal staff to bring this skills gap.

For Nick Ford, Chief Tech Evangelist at Mendix, said the answer is clear, “This shift would not be possible without low-code making software development more accessible. Our research found that IT professionals see low-code empowering more people to break down social barriers to entering the IT field – particularly those without a college education (48%) and people of different ages (48%) and races (46%).

“With this, low-code opens up software development to more people with a wider range of skills and creates possibilities for more diversity in IT teams: 40% of IT leaders say their IT department will become more diverse, with a greater range of ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds represented.

“We can only welcome companies that are taking the right steps to harness the power of tech-savvy workers to create strategic apps for their business. We’re proud to see more companies turning to low-code to enable them to do so – and that they are increasing their starting salary to show these tech-savvy employees that their additional skills are valued.”

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