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NATO country prepares for a Russian attacks and draws up plans to ‘evacuate the city in 1.5 days’

3rd Jul 24 11:09 am

A NATO country is beefing up their military defences as there are immediate concerns of an attack by Russia.

Lithuania who is a vital member of NATO are preparing for an attack and are drawing up plans to “evacuate” the capital, Vilnius in “1.5 days.”

This comes as the Kremlin issues a warning to Lithuania over their criticism and Vilnius has been accused of hiding anti-Vladimir Putin saboteurs.

Lithuania was once part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union before the country gained independence in 1991, which is positioned between Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

Belarus has also singled out Lithuania for using their country to attack Minsk with drones.

The Mayor of Vilnius Valdas Benkunskas has said that they are to beef up defences in the capital with “dragon teeth” and anti-tank “hedgehogs.”

This is aimed to prevent Russian tanks from entering the city from the Eastern direction and many roads will be blocked for residents.

The Mayor said, “They are primarily needed to block the entry into the city by road.

The main roads in the southern and eastern direction, if you look at the external border of NATO.

“This also includes a network of small roads, starting with forest roads, gravel roads, which could be used during an attack on the city.”

The Mayor said that city officials in Vilnius are working on plans to “evacuate” some 540,000 residents in less than two days.

Benkunskas added, “The task is to evacuate the city, all residents, in 1.5 days.

He added, “How to achieve this depends on the conditions. As I said, cases of sabotage and deliberate interference are possible.

“We will have at least five scenarios, depending on specific conditions.”

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