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‘Russia will be wanting to mount a major offensive before tanks’ are sent as Canada now joins the coalition

by LLB Reporter
28th Jan 23 1:18 pm

Canada has joined the coalition of 12 countries and will send tanks to Ukraine which will further concern Vladimir Putin.

Retired Air Vice-Marshal Sean Bell said that the West has now moved from “defensive support to offensive support,” which is a “step change in capability.”

He said that Ukrainian soldiers will be provided with state of the art training to learn how to drive the tanks which will initially involve high tech simulators.

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Speaking to Sky News the retired Air Vice-Marshall said, “We’ve heard overnight that the Canadians are now stepping in. They’re going to provide four tanks.

“It’s only a small number, but they join a coalition of 12 countries now, all of which will be trying to get these tanks into and similar tanks off to Ukraine.

“It won’t just be the hardware. It will also be focusing on spare support, ammunition and crucially, training.

“And that training will be conducted in high technology simulators, very much like flight simulators are. They’ll be in a mock-up of a tank itself.

“The Russian threats that they’ll be fighting will be driven by specialist’s simulator operators to create the most realistic immersive environment.

“This will be some of the best training available in the world for these Ukrainian tank drivers.”

He suspects that on the ground Russian troops are probing Ukraine’s defence by carrying out attacks in Vuhledar in the Donbas and Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Bell added, “Without a doubt what Russia will be wanting to do is mount its major offensive before these tanks get into Ukraine.

“Russia will be wanting to gain some momentum.”

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