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Revolut launches public beta for Bitcoin withdrawals

by LLB Finance Reporter
6th May 21 8:59 am

Revolut has today announced the launch of crypto withdrawals, providing customers with the option to transfer BTC to their personal wallets outside of the Revolut ecosystem if they wish.

With the rollout of crypto withdrawals, Revolut customers will now be able to choose where to store their Bitcoin. Whether that’s on Revolut, or hot or cold storage, withdrawals have never been easier and customers have more freedom, flexibility and control over their Bitcoin.

To begin with, Revolut will give exclusive Beta access to UK Metal customers. They will be able to add three external addresses and withdraw up to £500 a day and £1,000 a month. For extra safety and security, Revolut has introduced two-factor authentication, so customers can be 100% sure every time.

Nik Storonsky, Founder and CEO at Revolut, said, “Crypto withdrawals have been a heavily requested feature within Revolut’s crypto community and we’re delighted that we can begin the gradual process of rolling it out. Customers can lock down wherever they feel safest – whether it’s Revolut, into hot or cold storage, or to another exchange. This is just the start of a long list of new crypto features we plan to launch so we can offer customers one of the best crypto products on the market.”

Customers can upgrade to Metal for this and even more features such as stock trading, savings vaults and Revolut Junior. The fintech plans to roll crypto withdrawals out to other paid plans and markets in the near future, as well as launching more crypto features.

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