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Qatar to be cleared of corruption in World Cup 2022 bid

13th Nov 14 8:54 am

UPDATE: (12.24pm) The report is now out and confirms the below.

Perhaps it was predictable.

But many will be surprised, nonetheless, at news that is unlikely to quell murmuring of foul play.

Qatar will today be cleared of corruption during the bidding process for the World Cup 2022, the BBC reports.

Qatar faced allegations of bribing Fifa officials to the tune of £3m to do what they could to ensure it won the biggest bid in football.

An inquiry into the allegations concludes with a report published today by, er, Fifa, which will clear Qatar of wrongdoing.

The same report is also “believed to admonish the English Football Association for its behaviour during the bidding process”, the BBC reports. We’ll see how that plays out later today.

The BBC reports that Fifa’s independent ethics adjudicator, Hans Joachim Eckert, is not expected to suggest that there should be a revote on the bidding process.

So Qatar will still host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

The report published today is a 430-page tome that is the result of interviews with people involved in bidding for the nine bids for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, headed up by US lawyer and independent ethics investigator Michael Garcia.

Fair or foul play? Tell me what you think @sophiehobson

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