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Protestors who block motorways could now face prison as injunction granted

22nd Sep 21 10:36 am

National Highways have been granted an injunction to stop activists blocking motorways which will come into effect later today.

This comes as protestors from Insulate Britain who are an off shoot of Extinction Rebellion have blocked the M25 five times in over a week and can now face prison if they attempt to do it again.

Last night a judge granted National Highways a court injunction which means if protestors make any attempt to block a motorway again they could face a prison sentence as they would be in contempt of court.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted, “Invading a motorway is reckless and puts lives at risk.

“I asked National Highways to seek an injunction against M25 protesters which a judge granted last night.

“Effective later today, activists will face contempt of court with possible imprisonment if they flout.”

The Home Secretary Priti Patel said, “We will not tolerate lives being put at risk.

“Those who continue to do so risk imprisonment.”

More than 30 activists from Insulate Britain blocked lanes on the M25 causing chaos at Junction 10 near Woking on Tuesday morning.

“Irresponsible” protestors ran on to the motorway as cars and lorries were speeding down the M25 nearly knocking the activists over.

The police were under fire by MPs over how they are handling these protests as this is the fifth time within days activists have blocked the UK’s busiest motorway.

Shapps criticised climate protesters disrupting the M25 on Tuesday and said, “I think it’s irresponsible, I think it’s dangerous.

“It’s completely counterproductive as well because they’re actually creating the pollution they want to get rid of by having cars standing still, so there’s no justification for that kind of action.

“I call on them to stop and the police to intervene.”

The Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said yesterday’s M25 protest was “completely unacceptable” and “very disturbing.”

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