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PowerPoint graphics that are super effective for using in pitch decks

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6th Feb 20 11:02 am

Are you going to make a pitch for your business idea soon?

If you really want to bag the deal, then you will have to focus on making a compelling presentation. Powerful graphics and visuals that can fuel your ideas are very important to make the pitch right. Whether you decide on constructing your own graphics or use a pitch deck, make sure that they maintain the right degree of professionalism.

While using Free PowerPoint templates you can make your presentation professionally appealing with certain graphics like –

Pitching a start-up

Pitching is an essential aspect to help your start-up grow. You can take the help of boxes and labels to make information about your organization visible to the audience. They should be made in such a way that they are clear in displaying the mission, vision, and values of your company. Explaining everything in a visually attractive way will grab the attention of the audience.

Sharing market facts

Do you need to display the results of a market survey in your presentation? Then you can use the voice of your customers to promote your product in a better way. You can even prove that there is a market for the given product or service through the visuals. You might also add some additional details about your market analysis with the help of these slides.

Using Bridge graphics

The Bridge Graphics help in revealing the gap between a problem given by you and your proposed solution. This will help your audience in a much better way. The bridge metaphor basically covers the distance between problems and solutions.

Sharing solution benefits

After describing a problem, you have to showcase the solution with the help of your products. You should also describe how the solution is going to help the masses. You should think and add all the features that your solution offers.

Placing client testimonials and feedback

You can present your Client Testimonials and Feedbacks so that you can pitch your product positively. The reviews will instill confidence in the audience and they will take your products with a positive mind frame. Make your audience understand the points that you wish to convey and highlight the same with different fonts, colors, etc.

Adding a SWOT table

This is one of the most convenient and favorable PowerPoint graphics that should be used in abundance. This will help in concluding your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This will enable the potential investors to understand what threats lie ahead and they will be able to make their choices accordingly.

Lesser elements

Minimalistic yet effective designs make the slides look more professional. Do not over-crowd it with lots of elements. Instead, add a few graphics that think are essential to convey the message that you wish to deliver. This will make the audience focus on the important aspects of the presentation and they will be more interested in what you say rather than looking all over in your slides.

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