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Osborne: More controversy over new appointment

20th Mar 17 1:00 pm

Editor for the Evening Standard, George Osborne

Hard Brexit campaigners have welcomed Mr Osborne’s new position, saying he could champion London’s interests in the vital EU debate.

However, there are growing concerns as to how Mr Osborne is going to juggle being an Editor for the Evening Standard and still remaining as MP for Tatton, Cheshire.

Ruth Davidson’s comments on Andrew Marr’s show Sunday were quite interesting, she said: “I thought well ‘he’s a better man than me’ – because I spent 10 years as a journalist and six years as a politician and I’m not sure I could combine them both. So, I’m not sure you can do both at the same time, if I’m honest.”

Stephen Hester, the former chief executive of RBS, said to Westminster Hour: “My shareholders would have a revolt and I would have to step down immediately if I was to take another full-time job.” 

Claire Perry former tory Minister said Mr Osborne was “incredibly talented”. Claire Perry said to BBC Radio 4: “Anyone who raises reasonable points about what does the shape of the Brexit deal look like gets howled down in the media. So, having him at the helm of a very successful daily could be very, very interesting for the debate.”

The chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life, Lord Brew has spoken out saying that the committee will “look again” into changing rules on MPs and second jobs.

Although Nicky Morgan the ex-education secretary speaking on ITV’s Robert Pestons show yesterday said: “we’re going to have to stop MPs being ministers,” if the Committee on Standards in Public is to ban MPs having jobs outside of being an MP.

Mrs Morgan said Mr Osborne has been “a very good constituency MP while he was chancellor.” she described his new role as “the ultimate second job”, adding: “We want talented, interesting people to take on these big jobs.”

“George is very much about being the voice of the liberal Conservative party. When you’re fired as we all were last summer, what did they expect, the government? That we all just going to disappear?

“No, we are going to make our voices heard, whether it’s me writing articles, whether it’s George being editor of the Evening Standard.

“There’s a liberal Conservatism point of view to be talked about and we’re going to do that.”

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